If there was a badge…

For those who have asked and are not AB members… a quick (and this one will be quick) run down on how Muski arrived…

Monday June 11th – 40 weeks with no sign of a baby any time soon

Thursday June 21st – 40 +10 I decide I want to wait and refuse a repeat c-section. We spend the next week or so in and out to the hospital to be monitored, while I try everything I can think of to encourage this baby out on my own. Eventually I agree to book the c-section for Tuesday June 26th if nothing happens before then.

Sunday June 24 – 42+3 I wake at around 4am with mild contractions. They stay mild but regular all day. We head into the hospital late arvo for our routine monitoring.

4:30pm – baby is happy and contractions regular while being monitored.
5pm – our OB goes off call so I see his partner. 3cms dilated, I want to go home but he wants us to stay.
7:30 pm – we have walked the halls and organised a child swap – the girls arrive with L and then are picked up by my parents shortly after.
8:30 pm – we watch Big Love and laugh a lot. Contractions are getting a little stronger and closer.
10ish – our amazingly awesome support person S arrives. 6cms dilated OB suggests he rupture my membranes and I agree, anything to get my high baby to engage.

Time goes a tad wonky for me from here on in LOL.

I spend time in and out of bed, trying to get Muski to actually drop into my pelvis as he is still up really high.

Things get a lot more intense. I start having contraction on contraction on contraction and get pissed off that I am not getting a break in between.

The hospital midwife asks if I am feeling ‘pushy’ to which I reply no… then suddenly next contraction I am. Somehow I change positions and things get wild while I push.

No idea how long I pushed for, just when I felt like there was no possible way I could keep it up, someone suggests I stop pushing and pant and he is born…. just like that, into my arms.

S says it is 1:58am and I can’t believe it is that late! It didn’t seem like it had been that long since they broke my waters.

Placenta is delivered, I get stitched up (only 4 or 5 stitches) with Muski on my chest sort of having a feed but not really. Then we get left alone for a cuddle and to make some phone calls.

After about an hour they came and weighed him – I still don’t think he seems so huge but everyone was exclaiming about his size – 4.6kgs (10 pounds 3 oz) (before we went home they did head circ – 37cms and length – 52cms). I had a shower and we headed off to the ward at about 4am and all three of us collapsed into the double bed and slept for a while.

I got my very much wanted VBAC.

And while I know VBAC is not for everyone, for me it was incredibly important and really empowering. (To understand the full story behind Muski’s birth you need to read about our twins birth here) It is probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life and one of the things I am most proud of.

So if there was a VBAC badge – hell I’d be wearing mine!

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  1. shae says

    If I was crafty I would make you a badge-cause you deserve one!!

    I *really* have the strange (probably preggo) desire to sniff his head each time I see a pic! That newborny smell mmmm.

  2. Lee says


    So glad you are all doing well, can’t wait to hear what Muski’s name will be!

    Although I didn’t do the VBAC, thing I did have one of each, and I agree, natural is hands down better and on top of that I felt I actually did something to earn my precious baby, C-section is not something I’d recommend to anyone and it took me a long time to get over the disappointment and knowing that I would never experience the joy of childbirth again, anyway, I digress, the pics are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see them used in some layouts, I hope the girls are enjoying their new baby brother and I have no doubt he will be brought up with three mothers!

    Take care, and again, congrats! :)

  3. lolly says

    How fantastic for you! I love reading birth stories, and I’m so glad you were able to have a VBAC! What was the reason for your c-section? If there’s already a post about it, I’d love to read that.

    Congratulations anyway! Birth is so amazing, isn’t it?

  4. Leah says

    LOL you are so getting a badge!!! :D You did a great job Kate, both the production and the product, he is too lovely and you have the legacy of a healthy birth to help you enjoy him :)

  5. loz says

    Wear that badge and wear it proud Kate you definately worked hard to achieve your beautiful birth. Aww that photo is just to die for:D:D

  6. fazzbech says

    Well done Kate, I’m so glad you got your wish, even though it came close to the wire!

  7. Trace says

    Well done Kate! You did a good job to stand fast to your beliefs.

    It is a fantastic achievement.

  8. says

    Kate, that was a wonderful birth story! I have tears running down my face. I so wanted a good VBAC. I’m glad you got an amazing birth.