Just a few bloggy bits and pieces I wanted to post about while I remembered…


Firstly you may have noticed the BlogHer ad that has pooped up on my far right side bar. This is something new I am trailing. I am not blogging to make money so I don’t plan to fill this blog with ads but I would like to attempt to have the blog pay for it’s own hosting – hence the BlogHer ad. I looked around at several paid ad options and BlogHer seemed the most compatible with my blog so I am giving it a go.

I also like to support other WAHM’s and small businesses (like Nissa’s gorgeous Etsy shop) so you might also see ads, banners, blinkies or links to other websites in the far right side bar. I am pretty selective about who or what I recommend and won’t recommend sites or products that I haven’t actually used. I am not interested in doing paid reviews at the moment so any time I post about an item I might recommend it is only because I really do recommend it, not because I am being paid to say that. For the most part I am just happy to share the ‘linky love’ so the only paid advertising you will see on my blog is the one from BlogHer.

I want to be upfront about the advertising on my blog so if any of the above changes in the future I will post again and let you know.

Subscribe to my Feed!

It took me a long time of reading blogs before I figured out I could use a ‘feed reader’ like bloglines or google reader to subscribe to all my favourite blogs. It means that I can read them all quickly and easily and have them updated automatically each time there is a new post. For someone like me, on slow slow dial-up who is totally blog addicted this has been my saviour.

So if you’d like to subscribe to my blog click on the little button do-hickies over there at the top of my side bar. Do you see them? Where it says ‘syndicate me’. Pick either the google or the bloglines button or if you want more options click on the little orange button thingo which will take you to a page with every blog reader ever made (well probably I really have no idea) and you can pick whichever you like.

Ok Blog-keeping done for today – if only house-keeping was so easy!

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    This is in no way intended as pushy…just thowing it out there…
    I’ve got an etsy store too, and would be happy to give you the link for a mini from my store if you’re ever interested. (I know you probably want to stick to other sellers from down under and that’s obviously totally fine!)