Singing it Their Way…

The lovely Lightening hosts ‘Smiley Saturday’ and I am joining in today!

What makes me smile?? The Twinadoes singing.

They love to sing. They like to sing on their own, they like to sing together and very rarely they will let one of us adults sing along too. They sing a lot, sometimes at odd moments (n the middle of their great grandmother’s funeral!) and strange places (at the supermarket). They like to make up their own songs and often manage to make them rhyme, even if they don’t always make sense!

The other night at dinner they both started to sing. The Beach Boys. When the Baldy Boy and I joined in they both stopped and looked at us with ‘those faces’… you know, the ones that say ‘you are so un-cool and so totally wrong’. I thought we were about to be told not to sing but instead Izzy said “You sing funny words”. We stared to explain that yes the words to the song were indeed a bit odd but as they girls started to sign again I realised that we weren’t all singing the same words…

The Twinadoes were singing…

“Bub bub bub… Bub bubba ran
Bub bub bub… B-bubba raaaaan
Hold my haaaand
Don’t Bubba Ran

Don’t be falling on the rocking
rocks on the fall
Bubba ran

Tried for the zoo
Tried for the zoo
Tried for the zoo but the zoo wasn’t new
Bubba ran…..”

Yes the classic Beach Boy song isn’t really full of a whole lot of old fashioned girls names it is about a baby running to the zoo…. of course!

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  1. says

    We have to get our girls together one day! Guerita is exactly the same. She sings everything she does all day – making up songs, changing the words to songs she knows. Her latest thing is sing everything in operatic style!! I can just picture “that look” from the twinadoes too – I’ve seen that one a few times too!

  2. nottryingforaboy says

    My kids like to sing together too. And then get royally PO’ed if we join in. Crack me up. (I’m coming here better late than enver from the blog party.)