Organise ’08 Slump…

I have fallen off the organisation band wagon… big time!

Last month I blamed our holiday for not getting anything done – too busy getting ready to enjoy ten days of fun and sun, but we have been back for more than two weeks and I am still not getting anything done!

My ‘household folder’ is still sitting here in bits. I still haven’t got either a folder that fits the foolscap pockets or pockets that fit the a4 folder. I am still not sure what I want to put in it, apart from recipes, which are currently on scraps of paper all around my house. I really want and need to get on top of this and soon!

What about the laundry I hear you ask? Don’t talk to me about laundry. Do you know that I get a lot of search engine hits for things like ‘how to organise your laundry’? Poor searchers must be so disapointed when they get here and find that I am still searching for that magic easy fix for getting laundry done too. I did almost get to the bottom of the basket right before we went away, in an effort not to come back to piles and piles of laundry, but since then the mere thought of laundry makes me groan out loud.

I am not even doing very well with my menu plans and cooking. Thinking of something to cook each night, as well as something to feed the kids for lunch, not to mention kinder snacks – it’s all too much most days. We seem to have eaten a large amount of rubbish of late, take out and just junky food, all of which is expensive when we don’t have that kind of money to spare not to mention unhealthy!

I have other things to organise on my list, things I really want to get on top of – I need to clear out the linen cupboard (there is no way we need that many towels!) and sort through the girls clothes again, do something about the weed infested veggie garden, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do any of them.

Maybe it is because it is cold here, maybe I have the winter blues? Though winter hasn’t even officially begun yet so lets hope it’s not that already! Maybe it is because I have a little helper who quite often untidies things faster than I can tidy them? Maybe it is because I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle? Cleaning up and cooking is all I ever seem to do sometimes. Or maybe it is because everything seems to cost more at the moment and we seem to have less money which is just depressing!

I am in a slump!

What do you do when you are in a slump? How do you stay motivated? What things stop you from going mental when trying to keep the house chugging along smoothly??

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  1. Stitch Sista says

    Oh gosh, so there with you! One thing I have made a good habit though is a meal plan…I can’t imagine shopping without one now?

    What I do too on the ‘meal plan’ I account for lunches and snacks. Each week I make a batch of vegie/lentil soup that can be had for lunch and/or a batch of sausage rolls (which I’m about to make now). The thing is to not make it too complicated. Kids are usually happy to eat the same things over and over so keep it simple.

    Other than that though I’m fairly useless…I just figure if we’re eating half decently that’s something LOL.

    Have you seen those big routine charts super nanny does? Sometimes I think that’s totally the way to go. Have some ‘flexible’ blocks of time, but otherwise schedule *everything* that needs doing, from kinder, to laundry etc.

  2. says

    lol – I have good days and bad days, and just try not to sit on myself too hard when I am going badly.

    But “to do” lists work when you use them. Its remembering to do the darned things in the first place.

    I have a list on my whiteboard to do with some wedding I am meant to be organising for – well, some time soon.

  3. says

    Have tried a chart? Im such a chart person and will put different chores and different days so everything is done by the end of the week!

  4. says

    Oh, I know how you feel! I especially feel this way when I can’t keep on top of the ironing! (Hubby wears business shirts to work so ironing is a must!) I’m pretty good at the laundry, though I don’t have kids yet. The way I tackle it is to have set days to do laundry so it doesn’t pile up. I do washing on Wednesdays when I get home from work (just one load of washing) and either Saturday or Sunday (as many loads as needed). I find that the best way for me to tackle other organisational problems is to start small, and complete one thing at a time, then try to gradually do more tasks as the weeks go by, my theory is that this will get me into a routine and it becomes habit, so things don’t pile up. It’s working so far except for my ironing issues.

  5. says

    I’m no help here at all. Officially my slump started in 2001, and doesn’t look like ending anytime soon, I have decided to embrace my slumpiness and just go with it LOL.

    On my post, I would love to know what you are using, thanks Kate. ATM that is the full list of what I am using, but I have a few more plugins downloaded that I need to install and try out, so I will update when I have done that :-)

  6. says

    I do tend to hit a slump sometimes too and mine always occur when the weather is crap!

    One thing I like to do to get myself out of the slump is organise an activity on the weekend for dad to take all the kids out for a long period of time.

    Sometimes to get back in the swing of things I need a decent session in the house without interruption. The minute they leave I head to my list and start working my way through it and get as much done as I can.

    I find this helps me get rid of that overwhelmed feeling that creeps up when the to do list is too long.

  7. fazzbech says

    Right! I’m here to give you a kick up the bum! LOL Ok, forget all the things you ‘should’ have done, what’s done is done. Set yourself one goal for the week, do it, and then set another goal for the following week. Of course you’re going to have to do things like cooking and laundry regardless, but maybe try and knock over just one extra thing a week.

    Oh, and throw that kitchen folder thing out…you’re never going to use it! Hehehehehe

  8. says

    I have hit a slump too at home and on the blog front.I am always playing catchup and running around quickly before my husband gets home LOL so it looks like I did something.
    Be easy on yourself you have three under 4.
    I have been taking a few babysteps into getting things done GTD and using the 2min rule.
    I am working on a post for it. I have a good link for drafting a routine /chore sheet too – especially for the twinadoes.