Weekly Winners… The Muski Edition.

Just one or two photos to share this week – and all of the small boy. It’s not that my girls are not just as gorgeous as Muski, it’s just that they’ve recently taken a great dislike to my camera. Every time I try to take their photo I get either screams and moans or silly poses…. You can imagine how much fun that has made trying to get even a semi decent photo for a Christmas card!

Thankfully this child is so easy to photograph!

muski reflection
We went to the museum last week and Muski was totally enamoured with the giant triangle of mirrors.

And yep that is all folks… but if you want to see more Weekly Winners head on over to Sarcastic Mom’s and check them out!.. oh except for this week, seems she is in ‘travelling with a child hell aftermath’ and is struggle to be sarcastic right now .. I can totally sympathise1

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  1. says

    Oh! Those mirror pics are just awesome. My favourite nephew is as fair as your son but his eyes aren’t as dazzlingly blue..
    My son makes secret teenage hand signs or crosses his eyes when I point the camera at him, lately.. *sigh* so I know how you feel.

    cheers Kim :)