36 Things.


First there was Christmas, then New Years and then I had my bonus birthday (ok so I know it was a while ago but add in heat waves and fires and I got a bit busy)… with all those ‘milestones’ a girl could get all introspective and pensive. Where is my life at? Am I happy? Have I achieved what I wanted to achieve? Where am I going? What should I do with my bonus year? Junk like that could creep into a blog post and make me sound almost grown up and a little clever.

Since I am not at all grown up, (don’t let that number 36 fool you) and I am most certainly not that clever, instead of reflecting on life so far, I’ve decided to steal an idea for a gorgeous blog that I stalk Hula Seventy (she’s a list lover, and you know that makes her way cool), and write myself a list.

36 things to do during my bonus year!

1. Spend a day with my best friend – just her and me, no kids, no husbands, just a lot of chatting.
2. Make an intentions poster
3. Hit the $250 mark for a month of sales of my digi scrap stuff.
4. Make postcards from some of my designs and photos
5, Go to a Drive in Movie
6. Start a collection of BIG letters
7. Draw something and frame it
8. Take a trip somewhere purely to take photos
9. Make rhubarb fizz drink
10. Take the girls to see a musical
11. Play in the snow
12. Run 5 kms
13. Sleep alone in my bed
14. Spend a day browsing op shops and junk shops with a friend or two.
15. Grow flowers just for the sake of them being flowers
16. Own and read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life
17. Make jam and don’t screw it up
18. Hatch baby chicks
19. Take a risk, wear my hair in pig tails
20, Buy and wear a really nice dress
21. Send random packages of loveliness to people I care about
22. Sew a simple quilt for Muski’s bed, or mine.
23. Go to the beach in winter.
24. Make a scarecrow
25. Play with Shrinky Dinks (If anyone knows were to get the ink jet printer ones here I’d love to know)
26. Be brave
27. Grow Dill, luffas and bottle gourds.
28. Paint a wall with chalk board paint
29. Make lots of paper cranes
30. Carve my own stamp
31. Hang a wall of pictures.
32. Scrap my own photos
33. Grow sprouts
34. Dye my hair red – well strawberry blonde maybe?
35. Sing Karaoke
36. Buy a new CD

Oooh actually that’s a bit of a scary list… can’t imagine how I will achieve all of that, especially since it is already February. (seriously… where did January go?) Though now I’ve posted it you are all going to hold me accountable I’m sure… oh no.. what have I done?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Trace says

    If you want any help with number 12 let me know! A couple of years ago I did the c25K and this year my goal is a marathon!

    Number 19. Not too uncommon for me on a weekend (piggytail plaits).

    Number 35. Go with Singstar – its a blast!

    I need more info, or a link for Number 2. ???

  2. Stitch Sista says

    I must admit I could grab a few from your list. Have wanted to dye my hair red ever since someone whose blog I read admitted she’s actually blonde! (her red looks so real!)

    Good luck on the others…make sure you update us on the ones you’ve done!

  3. says

    Kate, reading this is inspiring me to make a list for my upcoming birthday… but that would mean I have to face up to the reality of the number….

    OOOOH… Im all a-twitter with excitement with ideas, but its 11:48pm and the house is silent so I must be too. Silent except for the screams of EEEEEEEEAT MEEEEEEEE that are coming from the Cheezels that a friends husband bought back from his work trip to Canberra last week….

    Right… Im off to make a list….