Things I Know

Following the lovely Friday tradition of a friend – and considering I am typing this on her laptop while our collective children trash her home…. er… I mean play quietly like angels while I babysit… Here are some things I know.

I know…

It is much easier to love my husband when he is not dying of Man Flu

Even a little sunshine makes the cold weather more bearable.

It is loads of fun to teach your almost two year old to say strange things. Anyone for Man Candy??

I need to make more time to draw.

Watching five year olds draw is like watching their brains grow.

When you are almost two it is VERY funny to say “mamma” over and over and over again. Even funnier when your Mum replies by repeating your name back to you.

The easiest way to get your five year olds to move is to send in a small boy saying “dickle dickle dickle” (tickle)

If you bring home a box of fundraising chocolates from kinder you should just put the $70 in the envelope now and accept that you will eat the lot.

Scheming a scheme and dreaming up a cunning plan is good -even if it never comes to fruition.

It is a very good feeling to finish a job in record time AND be pleased with the result!

Friends are good….

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  1. says

    Ah yes, we quite frequently have the “roll call” 2 year old conversation in our house too.
    And double yes on scheming a scheme…but the hard part is definitely making it happen. :)

  2. says

    All very good points.

    The problem with the fundraising chocolate theory is you THINK you won’t touch the peppermint ones – until they are the ONLY ones left…

  3. says

    Oh geez the “Mumeeeeeeeeee” drives me absolutely bonkers.

    Loving the visual of Morgan and “dickle dickle dickle”

  4. says

    So it’s worldwide where men shrivel up with man flu … good to know we’re not alone on my side of the world LOL Have a fab Sunday