Holiday Painting and Printing.

So it’s school holidays for us at the moment… well kinder holidays. We’re still running at a mile a minute, with birthday parties and this crazy family wedding, but this week I was determined to do something fun with the kids, something they’d wanted to do for ages.

We got out the paints.

I was just going to let them paint with boring old paint brushes but then we began chatting about patterns and printing so I gathered a few interesting house hold items and we got busy…


The potato masher was a lot of fun to print with, as was a toilet roll. We also tried various play dough cutters, one of those little rolling play dough cutting wheels, a dish brush, and some bubble wrap. We could have used fruit or vegetables but I generally don’t like to use food for art or play (though we do love play dough – I am hypocritical like that sometimes)


Muski was able to join in too, though I corralled him in the high chair so painted fingers didn’t escape all over my house. Even I had a go at the bubble wrap printing!


Heaps of fun…. Now they want to know what we are doing tomorrow!

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  1. Man Candy says

    You do know I will be inspecting the mashed potatoes carefully next time we are invited for dinner.

    Rhetorical question, does crazy refer to the wedding or the family ?

  2. Barbara says

    That’s so cool …. makes me want to do it, but I don’t think my 14 and 12 year old would be too keen LOL. They are such party poopers sometimes *hehe*

  3. Shae says

    hurrah for your brain keeping my kids entertained :-) looks like this arvo we will be painting

  4. says

    Yeah, the problem with being creative is that kids demand a follow up act. They dont seem to understand that such creativity takes a lot outta a mummah! LOL

  5. says

    I love this we just potato prints and My little one was printing/ experimenting with all sorts of things like rocks and sticks. I love the bubble wrap idea and we just recieved ssome in the mail!! thanks for the inspiration,what a lovely blog and little ones you have