A Sunday in August.

Say what? August?

Ah yes it’s August already, time to write my obligatory ‘where did last month go?’ post. Except that this time I am really quite pleased that it is August.

I actually accomplished a lot in July. Sure the month wizzed past in a blur of crazy business and frantic movement as usual, but here I am at the end of it actually ticking off quite a few things on my To Do list… and feeling rather good about that.

We all lived through the wedding of the century and I even found my inner girl.
I finished up some designs jobs – and got paid for them
We celebrated pickleberrpop’s third birthday (celebrations still going for a little longer!)
I survived my blog going nuts due to web host errors.
We’ve grown finally managed to grow broccoli even if we have only grown cauliflower leaves!
I survived the Small Boy getting three stitches in his head, and getting them out again.
I actually scrapped something for myself!
I even managed to do some fun stuff with the kids like painting.
Of course we spent lots of quality time at the parentals – Nanny made fairy houses with the kids ala Filth Wizardry this weekend!

Reading this back to myself I am suddenly feeling much better about my To Do List woes than I was a week or so ago! It also helps that I read this fabulous post about how to conquer your List from Jeanie in paradise.

Add apart from all of that…. August is one step closer to September. Spring is coming!! Bye Bye winter, you’re just one step away from being booted out the back door! Yipeee!!!

So here we are in August I’m darn happy it about….

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  1. PlanningQueen says

    Love the fairy houses!! You have been busy. And I am with you on the goodbye winter front. Only one more month to go – yay!!!!

  2. says

    Only this morning ‘Salina asked if Winter were nearly over!!

    I have one thing to say regarding cauliflower – and it is a sort of gutteral moan because honestly, the effort and gardenspace just ain’t worth the heartbreak.

  3. says

    Our cauli’s went purple last year …well I got to eat 1/3.

    I can’t believe it is August either …you did well In July.I am impressed.