What Can We Do Today? Bubble Painting!

It’s third term holidays here and since I promised both myself and my kids that we’d do some painting, yesterday we got busy with bubble painting!


You’ll need -
Watered down paint, food colouring or liquid water colours mixed with a little detergent.
A container for each colour.
Straws (a couple for each child unless you don’t mind sharing)


Bubble painting can get pretty messy so I suggest you cover your work surface with something, wear old clothes (even a good smock probably won’t catch all the paint splatters) and be ready to get messy!

Mix your paint/dye, water and detergent in the containers. Pop your straw down into the mix and blow! You’ll get a bowl full of colourful bubbles.

Then gently lower your piece of paper down on top of the bubbles to capture a ‘print’.


This is an activity that needs some adult supervision, though Izzy and Zoe got the hang of it quickly and were pretty much independent after that. It’s not really suitable for under three year olds since they usually associate a straw with sucking not blowing. Muski did have a go with me ready to pinch the straw closed at the first sign of a suck… even then he got a few mouthfuls of paint!

You’ll also need to plan in advance where/how you are going to dry all these paintings. We had so much fun and made lots and lots of prints we had them hanging everywhere around the dining room.


While I am usually more interested in the process of an art activity rather than the product, this makes such pretty prints so easily and quickly. We have piles of them being flattened in large book while we decide what to do with them. I think they’d make pretty cards or wrapping paper for small gifts?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Mel says

    Looks like lots of fun! I must try it with Safari, although I’n not sure which way she will blow in the straw. lol

  2. says

    We love bubble painting, although I must admit I haven’t tried it with Mr 2 around.
    Those prints looks lovely – I agree they would make fantastic cards!

  3. says

    They look great. I love the effect from the bubbles. Another easy one that is good for younger kids is golf ball painting. Use a slice tray, line it with paper, put some dollops of paint on the paper and let the kids roll the golf ball around in the tray. The dimples on the ball make an awesome pattern with the paint. And if you have a fold up clothes airer hang the artwork on that to dry with pegs.

  4. says

    Wow they look great. We tried this once but my son lost interest very quickly because they pictures came out so pale. I think I didn’t put enough food colouring in the water maybe?
    I’ll definitely give it another go. :)