Number One!

So… did anyone miss me?? Anyone, that is, apart from all the lovely people who emailed or tweeted me to find out why I had fallen off the face of the blogging planet! Thank you all for caring!

It’s been somewhat of a bumpy ride in our house over the last week or so, not all good, but not all bad either…

It started off as just another normal week.

Sunday we enjoyed good company at the local market. Monday is ballet day. Tuesday, the Twinadoes were too sick for kinder but just a cold, no big deal. I get surprised Tuesday when I hear I am a finalist for the Business Mums Network Blog Awards (you can vote for me or one of the other great bloggers here).

By Wednesday the niggley back pain I’d been having all week suddenly gets out of control. It shoots down my left leg and I can’t walk. Nothing at all, not stretching, not anti-inflammatory drugs, nothing, seems to make any difference. By Thursday I am giving up on my planned weekend trip to Brisbane.

After many tears and much pain and some rather un-adult tantrums, right before we are due to leave for the chrio appointment, I throw myself on the bed in exasperation and hear a ‘crrrrrrrrunch’…. suddenly I start to feel better! The lovely lovely chrio said he has only ever seen one other person who has corrected a pinching of the sciatic nerve (the huge one that runs down your leg) on their own! He tells me how lucky I am not to have done any major damage, does some other adjustments and stuff that will help with the swelling and tells me to buy a lottery ticket and enjoy my trip.

Still a little sore and after major rearrangements of child transport options I find myself on a plane to Brisbane early Friday morning. As luck would have it, I have a spare seat next to me and my back is kind the whole way there. My back continues to be kind while I spend an awesome 36 hours with my best friend in a fancy hotel. We spend the entire time eating, talking and waddling around town – me because my leg is still sore and her because she is almost seven months pregnant.

I flew home late last night. Again the goddess of air travel and wrecked backs smiled on me and gave me a whole row of empty seats in an otherwise packed plane!

The small people in my life spent time with Daddy and with Nanny and Bobo. By all accounts it is only the Small Boy who missed me, and he’s making me pay for that now so it will all even out in the end.

My back? Well I am still sore. I have one leg that feels like it has run a marathon, but it still works and I am able to move and walk and not just lie curled in a ball crying which is a HUGE improvement. I have a list of things I am not supposed to do (like sitting at the PC for too long) and I will see the lovely chiro on Tuesday for some more crunching. All in all though, despite the roller coaster ride I am one lucky woman. I crossed number one off my list

1. Spend a day with my best friend – just her and me, no kids, no husbands, just a lot of chatting.

When I wrote that list I never actually thought number one would ever happen. It was something to wish for and dream about, but not something I ever thought we’d pull off.

I’m so thankful to everyone who helped make it happen. My Dad for his frequent flyer points and my Mum and Dad for having the kids. The Baldy Boy for dealing with all the crap leading up to it all and my friend’s husband for taking the day off work to look after their little boy. All of our kids for coping without their mums and my fabulous friend for still being just as awesome despite leaving me to move to Queensland.

If I don’t achieve any more things on my list I don’t care…. I got number one, against all the odds, and I am a happy woman!

I know I promised to draw the lucky winner of our home made card competition tonight, but my sitting time is up already so that will have to wait till tomorrow. So if you haven’t already entered you have one extra day – go check it out!

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  1. says

    So glad you got to enjoy number 1, I was worried the back pain would mean you had to cancel.

    I suffered sciatic pain during my pregnancy and in labour I had a nice matching sciatic pain accompanying every contraction!

    Hope it heals completely, quickly.

  2. says

    So glad your back is improving! And what a great thing to be able to do, you’re lucky to have special people in your life :D

  3. Stitch Sista says

    Yay for crossing things off your list…an especially ace one too…I would add it back on quick actually :).

    Hope your back is feeling better.

  4. says

    YAY for achieving #1!!

    Ouch though, I can’t begin to imagine how bad your sciatic pain must have been! These days I’m getting some pinching of the nerve occasionally and that’s not pleasant at all.

  5. says

    Now that’s an awesome one to cross off your list! Hope the back continues to improve – I love my chiropractor!