In a vain attempt to keep my Small Boy occupied long enough to escape tears and the dreaded question (“Are we going to pick up the girls now?”) for at least five minutes, I got out some threading goodies the other day!

Threading can be a big ask for a two and a half year old, but my boy has had enough practice trying to copy his big sisters that I thought he’d probably enjoy having a go.

To make threading activities less frustrating for little fingers make sure you have a stiff ‘string’. We used those lengths of plastic string that you can use to braid and tie fancy things with, but a cheap roll of thin whipper snipper cord works fabulously too. Make sure the items you offer to thread with have big holes and are not too big, so that it is easy to put the strong through the hole and grab the other end to pull it out.

Some things you could thread…
Large beads. (We had foam beads the girls were given as a gift)
Drinking straws cut into short lengths.
Patty pans with holes punched in the middle.
Paper streamers with holes punched in one end
Rolled Paper Beads you make yourself
Scrap paper, card board, recycled materials with holes punched in them.
Anything else you can find that has a hole or could easily be given a hole!

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