Freezer Meals

In a perfect world my favourite food would just arrive on my table every night without me having to lift a finger. This is especially desirable towards the end of pregnancy and in the early days of new baby-ness.

Except it isn’t going to happen.

We can’t even save up and opt in for a week or two of home delivered take out – no one delivers to us out here in the paddocks.

I know I have some wonderful friends and family who will help out with the magic food thing, but they all have their own families to feed. Plus, I suddenly find myself with two picky eaters which can make things even trickier.

I am not complaining really. Up until recently all my kids have eaten pretty much everything – bar one or two dislikes. And for all the girl’s current pickiness they still eat very well. It’s just that the things they have stopped eating are all the things I would have cooked in big batches and frozen for easy pre and post baby meals.

For example – My kids don’t eat spaghetti bolognaise.

I know, pick yourself up floor, it’s true. The most kid friendly, and freezer friendly meal of all time is one thing that all three of them turn their noses up at. Life was not meant to be easy hey.

So here I am trying to compile a list of meals that the majority of us Pickles will eat, and that I can cook in advance and freeze and I’m struggling. So far my list has three things on it…

Chilli (yes they will eat a mild chilli con carne but not spag bol – go figure)
Chicken soup.
Meat and vegie pot pies – figure I can cook up the filling to freeze and wack them in the pots with a circle of pastry on the night.

Anyone care to help out with some suggestions?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Leah says

    Chow mein from back of packet soup recipe, baked beef risotto (google betterhealthchannel) and apricot chicken (from nectar can not continental mix) are my 3 suggestions, hopefully 1 will past picky muster lol

  2. Leah says

    Oh and forgot lamb shank stew, it freezes up a treat! Also I know they are expensive and un eco friendly and probably bad for you but I found those 90 second microwave rice pouches very handy after Owen was born. You’d probably need too many for the whole family but it’s worth having a few on hand I reckon, to eat leftovers with. Nice to have a hot lunch in the cold winter!

  3. says

    I <3 Frozen Mashed Potato – available from safeway, aldi and coles. It makes for a very easy bangers and mash at dinner time. You could probably make and freeze your own mashed spuds too.

    I often make up things like a large quantity of beef stroganof or other slow cooked stew and then put it in individual servings with frozen mashed spuds. Easy Peasy.

  4. Nic says

    OMG at the non bolognaise eaters ! LOL

    Potato, leek and carrot soup is something my kids love.

  5. Jen says

    from a new lurker! Maybe they will eat meatballs? look up online for a recipe for porcupine meatballs, very easy and even my super fussy boy will eat them.

  6. says

    Are they totally off pasta? Princess won’t touch lasagne, but I love a spinach lasagne with a bit of bacon and ricotta, if not the regular kind

  7. says

    Kate, I feel for you as no one (worthwhile) delivers out her either! Being organised is the key.

    Now your kids sound like my Oliva (mad for chilli con carne)- but she does eat spag bol (I just don’t make it very often)

    Make yourself some little pies – put them in muffin trays… later this week I do have a recipe posting for pastizzi – I’m sure your kids will like those. Today I posted quick chicken strips and spicy kumera chips – the child who likes chilli will LOVE those. I’ve had requests every day since I first made them for those…

    Feel free to drop me a line and I can send you some more suggestions ;)

  8. says

    My children love Boeuf a la Borguignone. You brown of the beef (chuck or casserole) on the BBQ, and chuck it into the oven with stock and light/med bodied red wine. You can eat it with rice, mash, or on pancakes/crepes. :-) Cheers, Colin

  9. says

    Pizza bases – you can just throw on toppings or make your own – even husbands and kids can do it. Lasange (although i worry with no spag bol this might not be a goer). We do lamb casseroles and freeze. I make chicken snitchzels (day old bread and parsely in blender – dip chicken in flour, egg then bread mix) and freeze in portions. Hamburgers and meatballs are also easily prepared a head of time and leave them uncooked (i guess cooked is OK too?) freeze premade pie fillings and combine with some frozen pastry. Beef Bourg. i find the recipe mix from maggi and some simple cooking works well.

  10. says

    ohh and taco mince.. I cook it and freeze and then we simply crack open a box.. heat the shells and then everyone just serves themselves.

  11. says

    I can relate the the spag bol thing. My youngest won’t eat it either. She turns her nose up at anything with mince, the little princess :-(

    I can second the chow mein though. Burgers are good too. You can sneak all sorts of goodies into the patties, throw them in the freezer then wack them together with whatever other fillings you have on hand.

  12. says

    Are they soup eaters? Lots of soups freeze well – minestrone, pea and ham, pumpkin, vegetable… Easy to thaw and serve with those parbaked breadrolls – yummo!

  13. jodie says

    I cook hamburgers and freeze them, just make a double batch, cook as normal and freeze half. You can zap in the microwave and serve as a burger in bun, serve with salad, serve with vegies and gravy, bake in the oven with pineapple rings. Meatballs freeze well, mashed vegies freeze well (on a bad day, mashed vegies and precooked burger means at least the kids have eaten well lol).
    How about curried sausages? Curried chicken?

  14. says

    Spinach and ricotta cannelloni freezes really well and if you google the Consuming Passions recipe (remember that show?) you’ll find a really nice version. I made double the white sauce though. Would the girls eat a mild curry? I used to make big pots of a coconut based lamb curry and freeze the leftovers with some rice, ready for lunches. I second the pizza base suggestion too.

  15. says

    When I was a student, I would make a mild curry base that I freeze for exams and would use on everything – veges, sausages – heck, even nothing over rice!!

    Sarma is something totally yummy that freezes and is fantastic in the reheat – although if they don’t eat spag they may have a problem with stuffed cabbage leaves.

    Of course, I am a firm believer in the tin of baked beans for kids who won’t eat the goodness offered.

  16. says

    You know the italians would serve Bolognaise but put very little of the sauce on the pasta. Maybe the amount of sauce is a turn off? Colin

  17. says

    I lurve freezer meals. Seriously. If you are a member of, there is a wonderful, long thread full of freezer meal ideas. Some of my favorites are chili, lasagna, and breakfast foods (pancakes, biscuits, etc.).