Good Things…

Occasionally there are little things… often crazy little things… that just make me happy.

* Watching the school playground drain of children as soon as the ‘pre bell’ music goes in the morning. Especially this morning when I saw several children running happily to class singing along to “Don’t Worry…. be Happy!”

* Vitawheats with butter and Vegemite.

* Chickens bok-boking around our garden

* All three kids curled up on the couch, all intertwined together, watching a DVD.

* My smallest wearing and loving clothes his big sisters wore and love. Who cares if the gumboots are pink or the hat has a flower on it!

* Making a spare of the moment cake and having the whole lot scoffed in one sitting after dinner.

* Admiring my boy’s new hair cut… while at the same time ignoring all the bits I didn’t do perfectly.

* Watching the three outside children watch the inside child moving around in my belly.

* Meeting new people – now normally the mere thought of that would have me quaking in my boots but I found some brave today and went and met up with some other Melbourne Bloggers and had a fab time. Thanks to Planning Queen for organising it – pop over and see her post about the event.

* Flogging Ma Blog – join in with Mummy Time :)

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    Big fan of the vita wheat with butter and vegemite myself – but the worms don’t work as well these days…