Round and About Friday.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time sitting here in front of the heater playing online this week. It’s funny how the hours can disappear so quickly when you are clicking through your feed reader or following interesting links… But just to assure you that it wasn’t all a total waste of time, here are some of the goodies I found online this week…

A revelation in pelvic floors…. Mama Sweat interviews Katy Bowman who tells us Kegals are not the be all and end all when it comes to not peeing your pants when you jump on the trampoline! (Via Hobomama)

A simple beeswax finish for wooden blocks and toys from Wee Folk Art. I needed this two years ago when I was making these blocks! (Via childhood magic)

It’s Not Personal – this post from API Speaks really resonated with me when it popped up in my feed reader this week.

We made these easy cinnamon scrolls from Our Best Bites this week – I would show you a picture but the all disappeared before I could get one!

I need to have a baby girls so I can make these from Made by Rae oh and this too.

Or maybe I’ll go with making The Long Red Thread’s baby shoes (you know in all my spare time), then it doesn’t matter so much if this one is a boy or a girl.

I’m still looking for your suggestions for the best music to labour and birth to. Be as serious as silly as you like – help me make a top ten list to share!

And just to add to the fun I am flogging my blog over at Mummy Time today – head on over and discover some new bloggy goodness for the weekend.

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  1. says

    FYBF! I forgot! Off there now.

    I had every intention of continuing to craft once the koala munchkin arrived but sadly I really only get time to scrapbook but no other time to sew or knit. Those shoes look cute though1

    Oh and hours in front of the internet- yeah, me too. Baby has been napping for 1hr so far and I am still sitting in front of the computer. UH OH! I guess I should go do those dishes.

  2. says

    Thanks for that link to Mama Sweat. Can’t wait to see the look on The Boofhead’s face when he sees me in the shower tomorrow morning…