When Life Gets too Loud…

I can't hear you

When life gets to much, and everything is too loud…
Put your hands over your ears and run around the house screaming
“I can’t hear anything…. I can’t hear anything!”

Or… go read a few flogged blogs over at Mummy Time!

PS – Top ten list of ‘Songs to Birth By’ is coming soon… just need a little more time to check out things on you-tube. So feel free to make last minute suggestions if you have any.

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  1. says

    What is that with kids? If it’s noisy, I need to make it noisier still. If my noise is the noisiest noise, the other noise isn’t really there :-P

  2. says

    My recommendation for a song to give birth to is evanescence’s ‘bring me to life’. That was one song at my son’s birth and it was perfect