Simple Water Play – Washing Dishes.

Sometimes I go all out and set up elaborate play spaces and activities for my kids. But some days I am all about making life easy and keeping it simple. Today was simple kind of day.

When Morgan asked to get out water play this afternoon, I thought about finding the plastic tub and setting up the little table with towels and various accessories, and I also thought about just saying no. It’s cold and we didn’t have long before we needed to pick the girls up from school, and I didn’t want to bother with the mess…

Then I stopped and thought for a moment.
Was there a way we could make this work for everyone?
How I could keep it simple, not go insane, and still offer him some water play?

Answer – fill the kitchen sink!

activities for kids water play

I filled the sink with a tiny amount of soapy water – you don’t need much water to have fun but less water means less mess. I dumped in some dirty plastic bowls and cups and passed Morgan an apron and the dish brush. He spent the next thirty minutes, washing, re-washing, stacking, and drying this dishes.

water play

Morgan got to play with water, without fuss and without mess, and I got the dishes washed! Simple. Easy.

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  1. says

    Ah yes, the “you think it’s fun, but I’m making you work” routine! For it makes for a great time for them, but it takes me forever to sort the dishes. Perhaps I should just move to all plastic and Princess can do all the dishes? :D

    I can’t believe how happy he looks! :D

  2. says

    My sons love to do this – although I’m not sure that the dishes get any cleaner. And no matter that I’ve shown him lots of times, my eldest son puts cups full of water and upright in the dishrack to drain.

  3. says

    I took some pictures of a similar thing this week except my little girl was doing her washing up at our very old kitchen sink (soon to be renovated) in her red tu-tu. I thought about saying no too but she loved it so much.

    Cute pics Kate.

  4. Erin says

    It’s amazing how long some kids will keep at this, too. My 4-year-old will stand at the sink, ‘washing’ the dishes for half an hour or more!