A Fairy Story

The Fairy Concert – by Zoe.

Once apon a time, a long long time ago, in a valley, far, far away there lived some fairies. Some of the fairies were Sun Fairies and they liked to dance in the sunshine. Some of the fairies were Shadow fairies and they liked to dance under the moon light.

One day Queen Eylea and King Tulon put on a show…

Some of the other fairies came to watch and they had lots of fun….. but Feya (the pink one, bottom right) was feeling sad because no body wanted to play with her. “Oh my” she said “Why will no one come and play with me??”

But then her friends Surah and Sera came and said “never fear for we are here and we will play with you!” So they all got on their ponies and rode away.

The End.

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  1. says

    I was just yesterday looking at those fairy dolls and pondering buying some for my girls. They are so gorgeous and look like great fun to play with.

  2. granma Jill says

    I like the rather “biblical ” dialoque – “never fear for we are here”

    A writer like her Mum maybe.