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It’s funny how your early memories get all mixed up.

I know we went on many family holidays when I was a child, most of them driving holidays. The memories I have of those early holidays are all jumbled together. I can only remember snippets of things or isolated incidents.

I remember our old car. The car that drove us all over Victoria and further.

I don’t remember the make or the model but I know it was small and white and had red vinyl seats that your thighs stuck to in the summer.

I don’t remember how on earth we managed to pack everyone and every thing into that car and drive around the country, no air-conditioning and only my father’s choice of classical radio to break the up the sounds of arguing kids.

I remember pads of paper and pencils and playing ‘paddocks’ and ‘eye spy’.

I remember being crammed in behind the drivers seat. Having no leg room is the price you pay for being the smallest.

I remember the holiday when that car died.

I remember holidaying at the Grampians in an old and musty smelling holiday house that I was sure came straight out of a novel. I remember meeting up with friends on the last day there to try our hand at rock climbing.

I don’t remember how old I was, or if I actually tried rock climbing but I remember sitting in the back seat as my mother drove down the track near Mt Arapiles. I remember a thump and a bang and I remember a huge boulder suddenly being under my feet where the floor of the car should have been.

I don’t remember the choice words my father said when he found out, but I am sure there were many.

I don’t remember the car being declared un-fixable or the adults working out how we would all get home and what we would do with the car. But I do remember that we stayed an extra night, our friends making room at their camp site.

I remember it was the first time I had ever slept in a tent.

I remember all the kids were crammed in like sardines, but I got to sleep nearest the door, with the most space. The price everyone else pays for having a little sister who sleep walks.

I remember people talking about the mouse plague but I didn’t remember that in the middle of the night when I was scared of the strange creatures that were falling on to the roof of the tent and then skiing down the side to plop onto the ground and scurry off.

I remember helping the other kids to dig deep narrow holes in the sandy dirt to trap the hundreds of mice, but I don’t remember if we ever caught any.

I remember our old car being hauled home on a trailer but I don’t remember if it was ever fixed or if that was the end of the red vinyl seats.

I remember many things from our family holidays. All jumbled together and mixed up. I remember good things and bad things, funny things and crazy things. I remember things that have since become family legends, stories that have been retold so many times I can’t remember if these memories are my own or someone else’s.

We are working in our own memories. I hope that my kids have wonderful, random, mixed up, holiday memories too.

What is your favourite family holiday memory?

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