Things I’d Like to Sew.

I have a niggling desire to sew stuff. You know, in all my spare time.
I have a long list of things I’d like to sew. I know, realistically, I am not going to get to sew even half of this stuff, but still I continue to put things on my list.

Things I want to Sew…. but probably won’t.

  • Pants/Shorts – I want to sew 3/4 pants and/or shorts for all four kids. How gorgeous are these, or these, and these too!
  • Pillow Case Dress – well these will actually be tops for my tall girls I think. Though if I didn’t use a pillow case just the design, like this one, then they could be dresses.
  • Summer Dresses – I love these easy sew dresses with shirring elastic, and I totally adore this modification.
  • Skirts – I sewed the girls skirts to wear to a wedding recently which were quick and easy and I have a heap of links to more fun skirts to make for them and maybe even for me?
  • Zipped pouch – I need to master zips!
  • Mei Tai – I had a quick hacky go at this the other day and it was fairly easy, now I want to get some nice fabric and do it properly!
  • Floor Rug – Noah needs a couple of nice rugs to roll about on.  I’ve got my mum working on this one, I might go for this slightly easier one!
  • Bouncer Cover – Noah is using an old fashioned bouncer we borrowed from friends, I need to make a new cover so he doesn’t spew all over it!
  • Birds – I’ve been eyeing off these fabric birds for a while. I think they’d be great hung from the baby gym!
  • Summer Hats – surely it can’t be too difficult to sew a bucket hat? My blonde boys need heaps of them, does anyone know of any easy online tutorials?
  • Bath Mat – this one has been ear marked to sew for a long long time!
  • Baby Shoes – because my boy can never have too many shoes!
  • Fabric Boxes – Surely it’s better to sew these than to buy more plastic? These are cool too.
  • Camera Strap Cover – one day I will actually sew this, and find my lens cap.
  • Bag – I want one of these for me!

And wait till you see the really long list of craft things I want to try!?!?

What’s on your ‘one day when I have some time I’ll do it’ list?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Bucket Hats – very very easy, I don’t know an online tutorial. but try a pattern from Butterick or McCalls etc – all of the big patterns have different kids hats. Wish i was closer -I’d come and give you a lesson.

  2. says

    I want to learn to use a sewing machine without breaking it. Was an ongoing joke in Home Ec at school and with my family still now. Every sewing machine I so much as dare to touch breaks down.

    I have a bunch of cross stitch I want to do. But lack the time to just sit and get into it. Also I will admit my mountain of books waiting it be ready currently has a stronger call on me.

  3. Kate says

    I’ve had this gorgeous dress bookmarked for ages, just need to get some fabric for the reverse side. Have an insanely gorgeous birdy fabric waiting for me to do so LOL.

    Meanwhile am thinking a matching hat is necessary also now!

    And a bathmat! LOL

    I’m also wanting to do some shorts for the boys, and to cover the textiles on the Peg Aria.

  4. says

    I have a bit of a list just like you. I’m challenging myself to try and do one thing a month, but I haven’t actually started anything since I decided this at the beginning of Sept.

  5. says

    lol that sounds like me. A nice big list of things I’ll probably never make. I’d LOVE to make the girls some little dresses and skirts, mainly Erin because she’s so hard to buy clothes for.

  6. says

    Mine is easily as long as yours with the added bonus that I can’t actually sew! I have a ‘favourites’ folder that I bookmark all of the lovely, lovely sewer and crafter projects in that I one day want to tackle and I have to SCROLL through the favourites list. I reckon even an ACTUAL sewer wouldn’t get through the lot in their lifetime!

    At least I’m not alone. x

  7. says

    I usually just cut things out and then never get around to sewing them. OR I ask my mom for “help” and she just ends up doing the whole thing ;)