We Play – Finger Painting

What do you do when it is school holidays, but it is cold and wet outside, and your sister is sick, and you’ve had to cancel a play date, and you are Bored (with a capitol B)?

You hassle your mother, that’s what you do. You hassle, and moan, and say ‘but that’s boring’ to every suggestion until she says ‘do you want to do some finger painting?’.

Yes! That’s what you do!

finger painting

I made up some basic corn flour paste and added just a little of the lovely natural Glob Paints (Eco Toys gave these lovely paints to us to test out a while back – you can read more about them here).

We were finger painting primarily for the sensory experience rather than to make art, so I only added a little colour. If you wanted to make prints from your finger painting you’d need to add more pigment to make the colours print brighter.

finger painting

We chose red and blue and covered the table in a sheet of plastic so we could work right on the table top. There was mixing, swirling, poking, hand printing, squelching, slapping, smooshing and lots of fun.

What are you playing this week?

we play
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  1. says

    Why did I think that there had to be and end product for an activit for this? I had never thought of putting out plastic wrap for painting on, sounds like a fun idea :)

  2. says

    You are a very brave Momma! LOL! I bought some wooden pumpkins at the dollar store and some non toxic markers to colour. My 2 year old loves to colour…but I’m not brave enough for paint just yet ;)

  3. says

    Hey that looks like fun! Of course the kids would choose the messiest option available. Glad you had fun in the end though.

  4. says

    Looks like fun. I chickened out on using the finger paints we had these holidays. We did do some water colour painting instead.