This Way and That.

I’m feeling all mixed up and flustered. Torn between wanting this, needing that, and doing something completely different. Mostly in a good, too much sunshine to stay inside, kind of way… but it’s making my head scattered and my thoughts disjointed..

So I’m going with a link list today – a crazy, mixed up, eclectic kind of link list, which pretty represents my life right now!

I wish I was going to Eco Toys ‘Living Chemical Free’ seminar with Dr Sarah Lantz. It’s on Saturday October 16th at 12:30 at Hawthorn town hall (in Melbourne). Tickets are $30.

Aren’t these wooden christmas trees just fabulous!

Scroll down this post at design*sponge till you get to the image of the little girl painting in the living room…. now that cable reel for a coffee table idea… now that is cool!

I’m going to make these home made wooden threading beads from mini-eco as Christmas presents I think. And these free printable lacing cards are also cool.

I’m off to try some of the suggestions from this post ‘Back to Basics – How to be content’ from Parenting Passageway. Perhaps it will ground me a little, because I truly need it.

Oh and don’t forget to enter my Good Things in Small Packages competition, you could win $1000!!!

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