I Hate It When….

I hate it when I get the veggie peeler stuck in the cutlery basket in the dishwasher.

I hate it when the baby pees in my face when I change his nappy.

I hate it when the zip breaks on our favourite bag.

I hate it when I squirt myself in the eye with breastmilk.

I hate it when I find a soggy old mouldy face washers down between the wash basket and the wall.

I hate it when I am almost done making a cake only to discover we have no milk.

Wow! I seem to be bodily fluids and bad housekeeping this afternoon. Oh well such is my life!

What do you hate?

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  1. Motorbikes_Lady says

    I hate when people do pictures to post on twitter while driving or tweet while driving.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. says

    I hate it when I find a mouldy wok.

    I hate it when my brand new TENS breaks down after only 2 uses!!!

    I hate it when I bake cakes and the darned cat scoffs them!!!

    I hate it when the dishes come out of the dishwasher dirtier than when they went in.

  3. says

    When I ask child/husband to do something for me and they say ‘yes’ and never do it.

    When it starts raining just as we are about to mow the lawn.

    When husband gets called into work on a Saturday because some idiot graffitied the building he manages.

  4. says

    I hate it when I go to unpack the dishes from the dishwasher and find that something has stopped the spinny thing from spinning and only half of the dishes have been washed.

  5. says

    I hate it when the kids argue!

    I hate it when Ari screeches!

    I hate it when Dave whines!

    I HATE it when I find EMPTY boxes/jars/toilet rolls where only FULL ones should be!!!

    I hate that the inability to put anything AWAY seems to carry on the Y gene in this family!!!

    Argh! Okay, that feels better, thanks :).

  6. says

    I hate that no-one else can see that the kitchen bin is overflowing.

    I hate the family eats my “diet food”.

    I hate that I can’t find my watch.

    I hate that Australians just paid 3 million dollars to get Oprah to come here.

  7. says

    I hate that no one can add to a shopping list.

    I hate that I have to make 3/4 beds every day.

    I hate that I can’t find a receipt that I’ve obviously put away somewhere too safe!

    I hate that Christmas time is so rushed and doesn’t always feel like a break at all.

    I hate that I don’t get enough baking time!

    I hate that I cannot help myself if there is any chocolate in the house!