Junior Scrabble

Junior Scrabble

The girls have been watching the Father Figure and I playing scrabble on our iphones (Words With Friends). It didn’t take them long to figure out what the general idea was and start to suggest words we could make from our letters, so we thought they might like having a go at the real thing. Adult scrabble with the letter scoring and double/triple scores was all a bit complex and daunting for our beginning readers, but they were lucky enough to get the kid version for their birthday.

Junior scrabble has a simple word/letter game on one side of the board and a simplified version of adult scrabble on the other side. The girls had played the letter game at school so we started with that at home too. The game is very flexible and even Muski, who’s three and can only identify a handful of letters, could join in without too much help simply by matching any letters he had in his hand with those on the board. The girls engaged in a little bit of strategy and were much more intent on completing words and getting a token, but interestingly they both helped each other and their brother to play their best goes, which was a nice change.

We’ve not yet tried the scrabble side of the board but having a quick read of the modified rules I think they girls will manage it, and enjoy it.

I really don’t enjoy playing board games with my kids. I think it is the horror of refereeing who’s turn it is and if someone cheated that puts me off. But Junior Scrabble didn’t require much refereeing and even I found it a little bit of a challenge so didn’t mind joining in. I’m not being paid to write about scrabble, this is not a sponsored post, we didn’t get the game free in return for a review (mores the pity)…. I was just pleasantly surprised at how much fun this game was and how flexible it seems to be, so I thought I’d share.

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    We’ve got that exact same version of Junior Scrabble, it is lots of fun and much less painful than many other boardgames we’ve tried.

    Still can’t get Heidi to settle at the table for longer than two goes but I’m pretty happy she was even interested enough to give it a go.

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    kudos for recommending a product not for money but just for the fun it brings :)
    i will have a look out for that..or even make something similar myself, as he is starting prep in January..

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    We love junior scrabble at our home! My kids have the same love of word games as I do. Another fave? Bananagrams.

    Have a great day!

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    Princess and my nephew got this out the last time we were at his house and they seemed to have fun ( the grown-ups were in the other room, so I wasn’t watching). They both love board games, and I love that there are junior versions available so they can happily play without us :)

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    I have heard before that Junior Scrabble is good. Sometimes it is hard to know with junior versions of popular games – you can’t help thinking you could just modify the rules of the original version.