Outside the frogs are singing louder than ever as the rain keeps falling.

When we first moved here we had less than 100mms of rain in a year.
We’ve had 105mms of rain here in the past 48 hours and it’s still raining.

It may be raining here in central Victoria.
Our property may be wet and underwater for the fifth time this summer.
Our stump holes may be full of water, the foundations totally flooded…

But we have not lost our house.
We have not lost our belongings.
We have not lost our loved ones.
We are lucky.

I’m trying hard not to let this rain wash all my positive thoughts away, but with every news story, with every tweet…. it gets harder and harder.

I just want the carefree summer holidays back…. for everyone… especially those in Queensland and Northern NSW.

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  1. says

    Sitting here in Perth, where it is hot and the sun beats down day after day, watching news of the rain and the floods all over the rest of the country feels so detached, bizarre even. The destruction brings tears to my eyes over and over again and I feel so helpless. There is so little I can do to help.