Rubbermaid Reveal Mop – Review and Give Away.

rubbermaid reveal mop

My floor is clean!

Ok, it’s not all clean…. but I cleaned up that splatter of baby spew that had been beside the couch for longer than I care to confess.

I got this funky new Rubbermaid Reveal Mop in the mail the other day, and my hard wood floors have never been this clean!

It’s very cool… well as cool as a mop is ever going to get.

It has this little bottle that you can fill with water and whatever floor cleaning substance floats your boat (in my case my ship sails for a bit of good old vinegar and splash of lavender). Then you pull the trigger and it squirts the above concoction on the floor right in front of where you are going to mop! No bucket! Genius!

It’s also got one of those fancy micro fibre heads that you can take off and chuck in the washing machine, and a really nice long, strong and substantial handle….

Now that’s an important point, because up until last Friday I was mopping (or not) my floors with an old rag, held on to the broken handle of an old swiffy floor cleaner thingy, with two hair elastics. And I can tell you, the stick part was too short and just not up to the job of scrubbing four kids worth of crap off our floors.

I’m finding it very handy for spot cleaning spills because it is all right there ready to go, just squirt squirt and that patch of unidentified sticky stuff is gone,

So while I feel somewhat smug about the cleanliness of my lovely hard wood floors now, and while I do have a lot of good things to say about this magical new mop, I am perhaps not actually qualified to review it in the first place. I imagine you need something other than an old rag and some hair elastics to compare it to, and I may or may not have had erase some texta and a stray noodle from the image above…

But I don’t care, because I’ve got me a new mop and so far the novelty has not worn off and my floors are getting cleaner by the minute!

You can get all high on domestic bliss and get your hands on one of these new Rubbermaid Reveal Mops too! (please note that links to the US rubbermaid site, the Australian site will be live soon) They are available in selected Bunnings stores for $39.95 but you could win one!

To win a Rubbermaid Reveal Mop leave a comment on this post telling me about the worst thing you’ve ever had to clean up.

Entries close this Saturday January 29th and are open to Australian residents only. The winner will be drawn randomly and notified via email – so make sure you leave a valid email address. (If the winner does not make contact within 7 days the competition will be re-drawn)
*** This give away is now closed. Congratulations to Kate who won the Rubbermaid Reveal Mop***

I was not paid to write this post. I received a complimentary Reveal Mop courtesy of Rubbermaid Australia via Aussie Mummy Bloggers and Porter Noveli. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    The worst thing I’ve had to clean up? It popped straight into my head as I was re-telling the story to my sons last week. Our first baby was born 6 weeks early and spent 4 weeks in the Special Care Nursery because he was too floppy and tired to feed properly. One night as dh was changing his nappy, he lifted up the little legs to slide a new nappy underneath and the tiny bottom made such a loud noise that the lady across from us with twins ran to get out of the way. This huge noise was followed by an enormous poo that sprayed all over the front of the plastic cot, right across the floor and right across the front of dh’s shirt. Then baby E lay back quite contented as if to say, “Whew! That feels better!”

  2. says

    My mop is held together with electrical tape! LOL It really is time for a new one.

    The worst thing I have ever had to clean up??? Hmmm…it wasn’t on the floor but we have a back fridge/freezer in our shed and Dad 101 accidentally unplugged it and all of the meat and fish in the freezer, well yeah, it was pretty bad! Eeeew!

  3. says

    regurgitated tissues.

    a little one had a cold and took a box of tissues to bed with her to wipe her sniffy nose.
    never in a million years did i EVER imagine that she would EAT them and then vomit them all back up!!!!!


  4. sandi garrett says

    Oh I think Pixie should win with that story…ewwww!!!!

    I work in a bottle shop so there is a never ending tale of things that need to be cleaned up…red/white wine, rotten beer (complete with maggots), vomit, urine….it goes on & on.
    Last night however it was topped by a plastic bag being dumped out the front of the shop with some dead animal in it! Yep….dead.
    It was revolting. Turned out to be a possum, yep people are revolting & cruel. Luckily the rangers from the council came & we didn’t have to clean it…….
    Sorry, that is gross reading that back! lol.
    Sandi :)

  5. Nee says

    The worst thing I’ve had to clean up is butter and vegemite smeared all over my kitchen floors, cupboards, fridge and dishwasher when the triplets decided they would get up to mischief while I ducked off to the toilet!

  6. Kate says

    I am a very slack moppet. Years in a house that was predominantly carpet made me so lol. An the whole bucket dragging bit is not my fabourite now that we have mostly tile and floorboard!

    So worst to mop… Endless supplies of baby spew aside, it would have to be paint. Courtesy of a 7yo temper tantrum. Paint on the tiles, paint on the walls, paint all over the kitchen cabinets. Paint across three rooms of the house, all with hard floors at least. But we’re still finding spots on the floors here and there many weeks later :o

  7. Alissa says

    That would be the day that my toddlers nappy didn’t catch the poo…and it dripped all over the carpet. My older daughter trod in it and promptly vomited everywhere (weak stomach lol). I had that moment of Oh Lordy where do I even begin??!!

  8. Jodie says

    Very similar to another post. Explosive poo all over the carpet and me! Also vomit all through the bed and over my daughter.

  9. says

    Oh wow, I don’t think I can beat the regurgitated tissues! That is just too much! But just in case (my faux cork tiles would love to be cleaned with the very fancy Reveal Mop!) the worst thing I have had to clean up was after my husband one big night a few years ago. His red wine/tequlia combo ended up down the side of our car, up the driveway, on the front door and all over the bathroom. YUCK. And if you are wondering why I cleaned up, well I couldn’t sleep knowing that it was congealing and he was far too drunk to be any use at all. Sigh. Thankfully children has matured (aged!) him somewhat!

  10. Bron66 says

    So many awful things have been cleaned from my floor: dog vomit, a bottle of maxicrop, a whole bottle of soy sauce, baby poo, and my most memorable was when my waters broke in the bedroom and the dog followed me all the way to the bathroom licking! I’m sorry if I have offended. It was pretty funny

  11. Cherie Nixon says

    i find he hardest thing to clean is breast milk…. I get out of the shower and leave a trail of milk.. drip drip drip.. get dressed one kid needs me and the milk gets forgotten.. couple of hours later i sit down to feed the babe and she pulls off leaving a puddle of milk again on my floor.. Let me tell you dried milk to so hard to clean up, not sure if its because i dont have the time or because i cant be bothered getting out the mop and bucket

  12. GiGi says

    Probably the worst — the one where your child is sick. You’ve placed a bucket next to the bed, a towel on their pillow & on the floor under the bucket. You wake to their cry. You stumble out of bed (it’s 4am!) They’ve been sick again — only problem is, they’re facing the wall & it’s everywhere, on the bedclothes, running down the wall . . .

  13. nic says

    When my son was about 6 months old and we were still getting the hang of using cloth nappies – he had a dirty nappy that was so bad, it reached the top of his neck. We gave up and threw the entire nappy, and outfit in the bin, rather than clean it !

  14. says

    That would be when my very very urban sister in law came to visit, and a carpet snake picked just that moment to crawl along the beam across the centre of our kitchen, stop, make enough noisy convulsions to get everyone’s attention, then throw up a half digested rat onto the kitchen bench. She hasn’t been back to visit. Wonder why?

  15. Trace says

    This is really gross but when we first got our Eddie dog as a puppy it turned out that he had worms. And how did I find this out? In the morning he had left a little present on the kitchen floor, that had MOVED about 30cm and left a trail of worms! Bleagh.

  16. Erin says

    Ewww….so many revolting things here (and yes I read all the comments). I have had the pleasure of cleaning many revolting things such as poo/wee/vomit but one time that sticks in my mind is when I dropped a bottle of lemonade as I was packing away the groceries. With a cranky 19mo strapped into the highchair so she couldn’t walk through it (screaming all the while) and an 8mo pregnant belly I cleaned it all up (ssoooooo sticky), including moving the fridge so I could clean where it had gone underneath – not an easy task! Once I had finished, my husband got home from work (always the way, arriving during the calm and missing the storm!) and as I got us both some drinks out of the fridge….uhoh. I wish it had been my water that I dropped, but instead, it was his beer, with it smashing all over the floor. At that point all I could do was cry!!

  17. Abbington says

    An entire strawberry thickshake thrown up in the hot car. The smell remained with us for the rest of the trip…. we no longer get strawberry thickshakes on car trips!

  18. Del says

    As a kid I loved to sneak milo straight from the tin hoping not to get caught but somehow I was always found out. I have now worked out why, my darling monsters also like to sneak milo from the tin and often spill it. Naturally they don’t think to clean it up so when i find it, it is a sticky brown goo covering the kitchen floor and a nightmare to clean. I think I now know how my milo sneaking was found out, my mess gave me away!

  19. says

    a 2L bottle of straight cordial on a cork floor spread over 3 – 4m- was the hardest 30 buckets of water later it was still sticky.

    The worst …same as others one baby took off nappy , another stood in it and walked across room pitter patter poo prints …I was one vomiting

  20. Tessie says

    I’m not sure whether this falls into the category of ‘clean up’, but I sure as hell donned a pair of gloves or two and held my breath for it. On that basis, I think it qualifies. I warn you in advance that this is not a pretty story, and if you have a weak stomach now would be the time to turn the page. However, it is 100% true, and something I never thought I would ever, EVER have to do…
    This all happened on a day that I wasn’t feeling too good so decided to take the day off work. In hindsight, it’s lucky I did. The first clean-up event happened at about 11am, when our dear dog Millie (who was also a bit off-colour that morning) threw up her entire breakfast on the kitchen floor. You’d be surprised how far two scoops of dog food will spread, especially when half-digested. ‘No biggie’ I told myself, as I got down on hands and knees with a pair of gloves, a roll of paper towel and the bottle of Nifty to clean up the mess. The hardest part of the procedure was fending off the dog who was instinctively trying to make the evidence disappear.
    A bit later I was standing at the kitchen window observing Millie dog going about her daily business outside. As I was watching the world go by, sun shining, birds singing, I noticed that things weren’t going so well for Millie. She was looking quite distressed and…well… seemed to have grown a second tail.
    So for the second time that day I pulled on the gloves and went to the aid of the dog. The operation was quite simple. Deep breath, real tail in one hand, other tail in the other hand and pull gently. It kept coming, and coming and coming and coming. Eventually it slithered into a heap on the ground. One-entire-leg-of-a-pantyhose. That thing was a good two metres long, fully stretched.
    Needless to say, the dog looked mighty relieved and the reason for her bellyache became apparent. Oh, so apparent.
    And I have become so much more careful about where I leave my smalls…

  21. Deb Risley says

    All ready to go to Church on a Sunday
    “Where’s the baby” I say to my husband …
    searching searching. Find him in the laundry … sitting in the cat box … eating … cat poo! And most of it smeared all over the floor. That would have to be the worst thing I’ve had to ever clean quickly (to get to Church on time) and believe me its not easy to get that smell out of little baby hands and mouth … I do remember retching a few times while trying to clean him!

  22. TechyMum says

    Aside from the standard baby vomit, exploded nappies (of both varieties) etc etc… I think the hardest was when my gorgeous toddler coloured in our grey grout between our chocolate coloured tiles with orange and red crayon… and not of the washable variety!….

    It came out but I killed multiple clothes and basically sanded off my nails in the process :(

  23. Kirsty says

    I have a double whammy for you Kate, and being a mother of twins I just know you will sympathize with me! Just before Christmas the twins both got sick and were piling up all over my nice clean rug, chunky toast bits and all, well the smell was rank as you could imagine and imagine being down there an your hands and knees with a bucket of cleaning stuff, kids puke and it was all to much for this mumma, and I was off to the toilet to have my own vomit! Which of course I then had to clean up!! Not fun!!

  24. says

    I could handle the nappies with the consistency of beer froth that oozed EVERYWHERE when Lou was a baby… even the vomit after hubby’s big night out that somehow sprayed all over the hallway walls and ceiling but I think the absolute worst was coming home to find that our sick puppy had pooed all over the house… Puppy diarrhea *shudder* thinking about it still makes me want to hurl!