The Reality Crash – After the Aussie Bloggers Conference

It happens after lots of big events.

You plan for the event months in advance. In the weeks leading up to it, the planning goes into over drive. In those last few days almost everything you do is geared towards this one big thing. It is your one goal, your great shining light on the horizon….all you want to do is make it there.

Then it actually happens.

The Aussie Bloggers Conference, finally, happens.

You muster all the brave you can and meet so many incredible people.

You meet people that you always knew were amazing and yet you are still bowled by how incredible they are in the flesh. Bloggers like Childhood101 and My Three Ring Circus and Squiggle Mum and Science At Home and The Beet Goes On and Inner Pickle.

You meet people that you’ve always been slightly in awe of, perhaps even a little scared of meeting them in real life, and you are blown away by how genuine, lovely and real they are. Bloggers like Magneto Bold Too, and Danni Mezza and Mrs Woog.

You meet people you didn’t know before, people who write blogs you’ve never read and you can’t wait to get back to your computer so you can add them to your feed reader and follow them on twitter. Blogs like Pop Couture and Happy Child.

You meet people who teach you things things and inspire and motivate you. People like Edenland and Sassy SEO and Life in a Pink Fibro

You meet so many wonderful people, too many to ever include in this one blog post. You learn a lot and you have a fabulous time.

And while you are still reeling from trying to match faces to names to blogs and kicking yourself for not getting to meet so many more fabulous people, then you come home.

I come home.

Home to a house full of washing and school lunches waiting to be made and Mental Monday with all it’s running around…. and CRASH.

Somehow in all that planning, all that anticipation, all that looking forward, I somehow forgot that there would still be life after the Aussie Bloggers Conference. Life that required clean clothes and petrol in the car. Life that doesn’t involve me tweeting to the person sitting next to me. Life that isn’t dominated by blogging.

So forgive me if I’m a bit flat this week…. It’s going to take me a little while to get over my reality crash and get a handle on life again. It’s going to take a serious amount of laundry and a whole lot of sleep, but I’ll get there eventually….

If you want to read more about the conference you can find a list of fabulous posts over at the Mummy Bloggers Blog

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  1. says

    Yep! I had three *very* tired little travellers this morning :-(
    And now I have to pop out and finish the shopping I just couldn’t do with ‘over-it’ baby today…might grab some timtams while noone’s looking (there’s always an upside!!)
    So nice to meet you and that gorgeous little picklebum of yours – and thanks so much for the fab stickers!!

  2. says

    My boy was pretty good, in creche most of the day, but running back and forth to him to breastfeed cramped my style a bit too. And yes, MAJOR crash. I still haven’t unpacked my bag – unless you count getting out the chocolates from the swag bag.

  3. says

    I think I was more scared of meeting everyone than they were of me. Heh.

    LOVED meeting you. You are fabulous.

    And I came home to a trashed house, a week full of appointments for Boo and the damn kid sick AGAIN. But I am still on a high, eating the choc from my swag and wearing my tiara. :)

  4. says

    It’s taken me two days just to feel like I’m somewhat alive again. And now I need to get to the washing! It would have been nice to talk more Kate. PickleBaby was an absolute delight! Hope you can get some rest.