Things I Know – The Bad Day Edition

I know it’s a bad day when we arrive at school to find a dead bird lodged in the radiator of my car. The girls take one look at it and declare me a ‘bird murderer’ and run into school crying.

I know it’s a bad day when we are at the park without a toilet and someone needs to poop.

I know it’s a really bad day when he tells me he’s not wearing undies and the poop just rolled down his leg and onto the ground.

I know it’s a really, really bad day when he doesn’t tell me that in time to stop me from standing in it.

I know it’s a bad day when the baby eats a huge bowl of broccoli, then spews green down the back of my white t-shirt, but no one bothers to tell me until I take it off hours and hours later.

I know it’s a bad day when I get invited to school assembly to see my girls play their violins and I can’t find the ear plugs.

I know that some days are just like that…

And I know that tomorrow can’t possibly get any worse…

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  1. says

    Oh dear , what can I say …green brocolli spew ..eww.
    Dead bird eww…
    Hope something ‘nicely’ surprising brightens what is left of your day and weekend.
    I might play later …I love meeting Shae.

  2. says

    You poor thing, Kate. That’s definitely a BAD day! Been having a few of those myself lately – although nothing like broccoli spew and poop! I only hope things improve for you.
    Hey, at least it gave you something to write about, right? Hmmm….

    • katef says

      yep…. since I started blogging I can always find a bright side to all the crappy stuff – at least I can blog about it! LOL

  3. says

    Oh holy cow!! What a day…I remember realising that I hadn’t explained to my toddler that when you do a side-of-the-road-in-a-posh-neighbourhood-squat you can only do #1s (oops, that would be #2 and mummy without a tissue…again!) – but I’ve never then stepped in it! That *really* bites!
    Hope tomorrow is all sunshine, rainbows and dancing unicorns :-)

  4. says

    Trying so hard not to laugh at the poo. But have btdt and while it’s so not funny at the time, it’s hilarious a while (and a few drinks?) later ;)

    Hope tomorrow is a most excellent day to make up for it!

    • katef says

      It’s ok I laughed…. It wasn’t funny at the time but definitely giggle worthy a few hours later! LOL

  5. says

    Too much for one day! That sort of crap should be spread out over a fortnight. Not fair! Hope it improved from there for you xo