Lovely Links for Kids Activities

There is so many awesome ideas and activities for kids around the blogs…. here are just a few awesome links.

This is such a clever, quick and easy idea from When You Never Expect – taping crayons to cars will definitely be happening in my house!

I’m saving bright coloured t-shirts from now on because I am so making this rug with my kids! – From Disney Family Fun, via Playing House

My kids LOVE the moon sand they have at our local kinder/preschool so we are going to give this home made recipe a try – From Irresistible ideas for Play Based Learning.

The Oak trees are covered in acorns at the moment so we are definitely going to try these acorn spinning tops from Twig and Toadstool

Found any fab ideas for kids online lately?

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing those great links Kate. I’m particularly excited about the woven tee shirt rug. I’ll be looking for tee shirts next time I’m at the oppie!

    • katef says

      Moon Sand is this strange sand like stuff that you buy. It comes in various colours (as well as white) and is fine and soft to touch. When you mould it into shapes it stays, almost magically, in that shape until you destroy it…. it’s fabulously fun stuff but expensive!