Saturday Links – The Easter Edition

April 16, 2011

easter eggs not martha

I find Easter just a little confusing… We are not religious and it is not spring here, so I’m never quite sure how to embrace the celebration, but there are so many lovely Eastery ideas about at the moment, so I’m sharing a few on this Linky Saturday.

I wonder if I can make these Easter Surprise Eggs from Not Martha without my kids knowing….they are so cool! Not Martha has lots of other great Easter ideas as well as lots of other great things so make sure you have a good look around!

We have plenty of eggs to make these gorgeous little egg vases from Design Sponge (Via Not Martha) pity we don’t have the spring flowers to go in them!

And I love these spring veggie seedling growing in egg shells at Lilliedale. Again, no spring seedlings here but they’d be cute with succulents or maybe little pretty flowers planted in them and they’d make a lovely alternative to a chocolate egg for a gift.

I’ve always wanted to have a go at dying eggs with natural dyes, and these eggs from Learning As I Go are so beautiful it’s hard to believe they were dyed with plants! This is an excellent post with lots of detailed instructions… one day I’m going to try this!

I’ve been saving carefully cracked egg shells to make these Geode Eggs but considering how long crystals take to grow I think we’ve left it a bit too late. Still, my girls love crystals and I think this would be cool to try out at any time of year.

And here are a few things we’ve made for Easter in years gone by…. Rice Bubble Treat Eggs, plaster Easter eggs, Egg-bag People and super easy Easter biscuits.

Do you celebrate Easter? Are you planning to make or do anything special?

{image above used with permission from the lovely Not Martha}

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Deb April 17, 2011 at 11:11 am

These are great, thanks for some different ones. I love the geode eggs, when you are tired of them you could crack the shell off and play with the crystals. And I’m definitely doing the egg vases – I have two little flower collectors and currently everything is in a cup or plastic box, they would love to make vases from our millions of egg shells.

Glenys April 18, 2011 at 8:27 am

That’s a lot of lovely ideas of things to do. I really need to plan an activity or two, perhaps some egg dying. It’s a funny time of year for me as I don’t usually do much with eggs having grown up with my dad being allergic to them they were pretty much avoided. I agree Easter is a little bit odd in our house too.

jenny April 19, 2011 at 6:16 pm

What beautiful colours Martha has achieved. I love Easter Not just because i love buns ( though I do and have to ration myself to a week before and the left overs after) but because far more than New Year I regard it as the time for re brth and beginnings It has been so since the ancients and although I am not christian or pagan, in fact not religious at all, I find it a very spiritual time. Pity all this gets burried by the commercial crap that i note now starts as soon as the Christams tree gets packed up. I just enjoy this myself but am glad others are thinking of other ways – growing new plants seems particularly appropriate

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