Saturday Links – The Feed Reader Edition.

Hi, my name is Kate and I am addicted to blogs. There’s just so much good stuff out there! So many clever ideas and wonderful words and beautiful images… I just can’t get enough!

I use google reader to manage my blog addiction, well, as much as you can ever manage an addiction. I love google reader. I read so many different blogs there is no way I could manage half of that reading, especially with our often dodgey internet connection, without being able to subscribe to a blog’s feed and read them via my reader.

If you don’t quite understand the whole rss, feeds, google reader thing then pop on over and read this great post at Simple Mom – Rss Explained. It is a clear, simple explanation of how it all works.

Now recently (I know I’m a tad slow) I discovered that I could ‘follow’ friends on google reader and read all the great blog posts they were sharing! Then I read this great article from Lauren Wayne about how to set up your own public feed and how to share items. Now you can find all the good stuff that I share here and you can subscribe to my ‘good stuff’ too if you like.

And just to get really fancy…. I recently added a widget to my blog that lets me post my shared items from google reader right in my side bar. Go take a look, in my side bar, on the right, down the bottom, titled ‘From My Feed Reader’ , there they all, the latest shared items from my feed (if you are reading this via a reader click on over and take a look). The handy dandy plugin that does that nifty trick is called Recommended Reading – Google Reader Shared (for wordpress) and I think it’s kind of nifty.

So if you’d like to check out some of the blog posts I’ve been reading and find out how truly addicted I really am, then check out my shared items from google reader!

Oh and what does the photo of Noey have to do with blog feeds? Nothing…he’s just too cute not to share. Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hear Mum Roar says

    You know, only today was I realising that I was unaware of all the cool things you can do with friend connect. I was reading somewhere that you can even send newsletters out to your followers. Not sure I’d feel comfy doing that, or if it’s intrusive? But yeah, you’re making me realise I really should look into all the features.

  2. says

    Love the pic Kate!
    And I too am addicted to blogs…
    I love my Google Reader. That’s where I catch up with you, on your lovely blog :)


  3. says

    The joys of reblogging eh :)

    Gotta love the tools that make it easier to throw information around. I should poke around and see if “there’s a module for that” for Drupal 7, lately been too busy doing Other Things.

  4. says

    Hi Kate,

    After reading your great post on Feed Readers it prompted me to learn more and I just set up a google reader account. This may be a silly question, but do you have to unsubscribe from receiving blog posts once you have set up to receive the rss feeds? Is this the way to avoid getting everything twice?

    Cheryl x