Lovely Links – Ideas for the birthday boys

My big boy is turning four and my little boy is turning one all in the same weekend at the end of June. I’ve been looking for some gift ideas and party ideas and come across some lovely links…

If my boys liked Sesame Street I’d so make these Cookie Monster cup cakes

These frilly streamers from Oh Happy Day look cool and easy to make, or maybe a garland like this one from MaraMay’s Etsy shop

This Fort Building kit from Saltwater Kids would be awesome for the big boy… the suction cup hooks are a fabulous idea!

The baby boy would love this home made lift the flap book… if only there were more hours in the day!

I am very keen to make the big boy this awesome tree house from Childhood101. I think his sisters would quite like this too!

Both boys would love one of the gorgeous wooden creations from Woodmouse at Etsy.

Maybe I should make cupcakes with marshmallow ‘frosting’, because these ones from Pixels and Paperie look amazing!

Or perhaps these awesome hot chocolate spoons from Delicious Delicious Delicious since it will be rather freezing and we will be without one rather large wall of our house on party day.

I’m still looking for the perfect party idea to celebrate my baby’s first birthday. It needs to be something special (for the big boy’s first birthday everyone bought a tree and planted it), and something doable in a house that has no kitchen and no back wall in the middle of winter. Got any ideas??

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  1. says

    thanks for a great post, especially when I’m brain storming for my soon to be 4year old.
    I’m currently in the midst of preparing his ‘fort kit’ I do love that idea. But also love the lift the flap book, he’d think that was pretty awesome!

  2. says

    My goodness I love the homemade lift the flap book, I can’t wait to make one.
    My baby boy is turning one in august:( & I have been racking my brain for a theme that would be suitable for such a special boy. I wanted it to be something that he loved which is difficult seeing as his favourite past times include drooling and putting everything possible in his mouth & something very sweet I figure there is time for cars, trains etc in the years to come.
    So we have finally settled on a giraffe theme as he loves his Sophie the giraffe chew toy. I am going to hire some outdoor play equipment as I think he is too young for organised games and fingers crossed we will have a memorable day:) I also plan to take a photo of him with each of the guests. I have bought a special album to stick the photos in and have spot for each person to write a message on the page I will be pasting their picture.