Lovely Links – Kid’s Gifts To Make.

With only a few weeks left till the big birthday weekend when one boy turns four and the other turns one, the rest of us are quietly working on some birthday surprises. We’ll reveal the gifts we are making after the big event, but we’ve come across lots of great things to make for small people. So here is a lovely list of links to kid’s gifts you can make!

This Gnome Catapult from Kleas is very cool, and easy enough for preschoolers to help make for a friend or sibling.

Quick and easy, this geo board from Mamma Jenn would make a great gift for a 4-6 year old.

I love the way the clues in this home made Eye Spy from No Time For Flash Cards book are created with pictures, so even pre-readers can have a go.

How about this great art storage bucket from Kotori? Filled with goodies this would make a fabulous gift!

This bubble bath paint from Meet the Dubiens looks like fun, so do these little drum/bongo/guirros from Mini Eco

A set of alphabet blocks like these from I am Momma Hear Me Roar would be a great gift, or how about this cool fabric bike basket from Noodlehead.

So many great gifts to make, so little time to make them!

{image by ‘smil via flickr}

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    I’ve come over from It’s Playtime at Let The Children play. Your sand tray idea caught my eye.

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and your creative ideas. Now I have another Aussie blog that I am excited to follow.