Things I Know About Winter

I know, talking about the weather is kind of boring, but everyone around here is talking about it at the moment, so damn it, I am too!

I know that I am trying to find some good things about winter to focus on, but I am struggling.

I know that a pair of warm waterproof shoes are worth their weight in gold when it comes to school pick up and drop off.

I know that ripping off the back of your house during the coldest June week in years was probably not the smartest of ideas. (In our defence we did plan to do this bit of renovations in February, but constant flooding meant that it didn’t happen. Darn weather!)

I know that this old house with it’s gappy floor boards, and lack of heating and insulation, is not designed to cope with this kind of weather, even if the back wall was still on.

I know that it is hard to cook dinner wearing woolly gloves.

I know that the first thing everyone asks you when you go into town is, “Is it snowing at your place yet?”

I know that we have had snow ‘in the air’ but that we don’t live high enough for it to get to the ground, thankfully.

I know that the word “snow!” incites excitement, jumping up and down and big ideas… and also a lot of whining when you say that we are not driving up the mountain to see if there is enough to make a snow man.

I know that small children rarely feel the cold, but looking at them in t-shirts and bare feet makes me shiver.

I know that I don’t like winter, I’ve tried, but I just don’t like it. Bring on summer already!

So, what do you know? Share your knowledge at Yay For Home’s Things I Know Link up! I’m also flogging with the lovely Glowless!

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  1. says

    Oh man oh man, I agree with this post!! I hate winter and always have, and its a lot worse with three little kids and school runs.

  2. says

    I could have written that word for for – except for the school run part cos my kdis aren’t school age yet. And the back of my house is still attached, but needs ripping off. FUN! Might try to schedule ours in winter so that it happens in summer, what do you reckon?
    Good luck with the renos, I hope they happen quickly for you!

  3. says

    Hi there from Cape Town, I am having a little chuckle at this!!! My blog has turned into the land of moan as I try and survive winter… The back of our house isn’t chopped off for renovation right now… we did that three years ago and now we are paying the price as the rain leaks in, in an alarming way!!! My toddler thinks it is wonderful a built in paddle pool in the kitchen – wonderful for splishing and sploshing. My three year old has no cold button and launches around the house in teeny shorts and a t-shirt, sending my mind into brain freeze every time I glance at her… we are so not geared for winter… I am trying to be more positive about it and failing galactically!!! Of course the kids are longing for snow, thank heavens we never get it… because the torrenting rain is quite enough to deal with!!! Thanks for the solidarity… it is good to know that we are not suffering alone !!!

  4. Deb says

    We also have a raised house with floorboards! My husband went out yesterday and bought two heaters, much better now.

  5. Chris says

    I know that I haven’t yet worked out how to keep two small children warm on the really cold days, particularly the 1 year old who won’t wear hats.

  6. says

    Not a big fan of the cold here either… Of course, just like yours, my 3 1/2 year old seems to think it’s summer and just can’t wait to strip bare at any opportunity