Lovely Links – Party Food

If we had a kitchen with a roof and walls right now, I’d be making some of these delicious goodies for my baby boy’s first birthday party…

These Backed Egg Rolls from Annie’s Eats look so good… and reasonably easy to make considering they are not deep fried.

My kids would love these super easy Jam Straws from Sprinkle Bake’s Facebook page.

The big kids would also adore these Antipasto Kabobs from The Hungry Housewife.

Pizza Puffs from Lick the Bowl Good…. I wonder if I could pass these off as dinner one day?

Home made Hummus Dip from Oh She Glows

I love that there is such a thing as ‘food color markers’ (at least in America there is, I’ve never seen them here) because this cake from Sweetpolita is awesome!

These monster cakes from Better Homes and Gardens are awesome, but judging by my car cake (pictured above) probably a little out of my league!

That’s what I’d make if we had a roof on our kitchen…. but we don’t, so I’m not…. and our guests can expect chips and lollies and that’s about it!

Got any links to great party food ideas??

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  1. says

    and the reality of it all, even though all that stuff looks great, the guests will probably love the chips and lollies best anyway. I’m about to embark on the preparations for my sons 4th bday. sometimes I wonder why we do it to ourselves.

  2. says

    I’m totally impressed with your car cake (yes I know, two years ago – prior to me knowing you had a blog!). Tis’ birthday season here too. And as much as I vowed never to do a kids birthday party again, it seems that this year my girl wants a party more than ever. Argh…. and as I’m energy/time poor, I think I may have to do the chips/lollies option too. Though those pizza puffs looked amazing (and almost temptingly easy!). Trying to decide on the cake is the next big deal here.. Miss almost 3 changes her mind every day!

    • katef says

      Ah three year old girls are tough… decision making is not really their thing! LOL Good luck and let me know if you try the pizza puffs!

  3. says

    like it!

    I have just completed dump truck for our 2yr old party tomorrow. Now I just have to not give birth tonight/tomorrow morning so the party can go ahead…

    (btw the rest of the food is mah. But the cake rocks. I intend to photo tomorrow).

    • katef says

      Ah not giving birth on the birthday…. this time last year I was desperately hoping not to give birth on my big boys birthday or the ballet concert 2 days later…. I missed the birthday by 5 hours and the ballet concert by 24!
      Can’t wait to see a photo of the cake!!

  4. lanne says

    wishing him a super happy first birthday.. I cant believe the year has whooshed by so fast!

  5. says

    Just what I needed to find with a 5th birthday coming up for my twins. Great cake too one red & one blue maybe.
    I just need to find natural colourings.