Lovely Links – Things to do in the School Holidays.

Just pretend I wrote and posted this post yesterday ok? Because yesterday seemed to evaporate in a haze of presents and people and roof frames and lego…

It’s school holiday time again soon in Victoria. And although this term has been a shortish one, we’ve been so very busy that I am really looking forward to not doing very much at all. Usually my school holiday plans consist of ‘throw the kids outside and just let them play’ but the weather isn’t really up to long days spent outside at the moment so I’m working on some back up plans too.

Here’s some of the things on my ‘What can we do today’ list for the holidays…

The fabulous Filth Wizardry has inspired me to let go a little more with my kids, and just let them create. I need to buy some more icy pole sticks and another glue gun but this free form construction is awesome!

These fabulouslego and paper combinations are so cool! I wonder where I can buy a Lego punch here in Australia?

And I think this peg catapult from Disney Family Fun or these poppers from Real Simple would be lots of fun using some of our packing peanuts (see other ideas for using packing peanuts here)

Or for some quick fun, this paper whirly gig with instructions from Mini Eco looks easy!

And if you are up to a few outings….

My big kids are VERY keen to go and see the Art of the Brick exhibition on at Federation Square in Melbourne.

circus oz

They’d also love Circus Oz who are in Melbourne from June 22nd to July 15th (and touring other locations after that).

And despite a recent trip to the Melbourne Museum (thanks to Brand Meets Blog) and then a trip to Science works, my kids are all keen to go to the Museum again during the holidays. The museum a great winter place to visit, lots of different things to interest all ages, and really good value. Even better value would be winning a Melbourne Museum membership!

Win a Melbourne Museum Membership

This give-away is now closed.. congrats to Melissa from Remember to Breathe who was the winner!

Thanks to Melbourne Museum and Brand Meets Blog I have one Museum Membership to give away! At the moment, if you buy a 12 month membership you currently get an extra 3 months free, so really you’ll be winning an 15 month membership will allows you entrance to Melbourne’s three museums – The Melbourne Museum, Science Works and The Immigration Museum. You can find all the details here

To enter just leave a comment and tell me what your favourite place to visit with your kids is! Obviously you have to live in or near Melbourne (Australia) to win this. The winner will be drawn at random on Thursday June 30th so get in quick

For more great places to go and things to do in Melbourne these holidays check out Planning With Kid’s School Holidays Activities post. And Be A Fun Mum has a fabulous list of school holiday ideas too!

{Image credit – top photo by Little Red Photography. Image credit – middle photo by circus oz, used with permission}
{disclosure: I was not paid to link to any of the above activities. My boys and I were treated to a day at the Melbourne Museum thanks to Brand Meets Blog.}

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Kirsten says

    Scienceworks is one of our fav places, so nice to go there and not have to worry about the kids touching, or breaking something, it keeps us amused for hours and now that the new dinosaur exhibit is on it is definately on our list these holidays!!

  2. Sam Jones says

    We love visiting Healesville Sanctuary, being close with nature and the Bird show is brilliant and never stops being exciting. Great fresh air fun for all of us.

  3. Shauna mcgregor says

    Any chance we get on the school hold we head down to the St Kilda Adventure playground. We pack some muffins, lunch & drinks and stay there from opening for a few hours. Only time I see the boys is when they are hungry. They gave a ball and I get a chance to find a great possie in the sun and read the paper or a mag!!

  4. Jo says

    The Mornington Railway is a wonderful way to spend the day. It is only a 35 minute drive out of Melbourne and the steam train takes you from Moorooduc to Mornington (then you can catch the free bus into Mornington) and then back again. The best thing is it is VERY reasonably priced and the people who run it are VERY friendly. Great day

  5. says

    Funnily enough I jsut posted my holidays bucket list tonight – and stuck museum at the end as a given (not edited to impress you so I’d win – really – it was there all along!!).
    But our fave places in the hols are melb museum (in all kinds of weather!) and melb zoo :-)

  6. Ruth Henwood says

    Our favorite place is right up high at the Eureka Skydeck. We pack our snackboxes and pick out all the iconic features Melbourne has to offer.

  7. Amy says

    We love the local park. My lil one is still tiny so it’s just the swings for him and he love to watch our dogs run around. Soon he’ll be big enough to enjoy the zoo, museum, movies, bike rides and I can’t wait!

  8. Trace says

    My favourite holiday acticity is when the boys catch the train into the city to visit me at work! They have a bit of a play on the docklands playground, we have Swooshi (Sushi) at the Japanese place downstairs, and then they go off and visit the shops (Harbour Town usually has different free activities each school holidays)
    (Just had a quick look and they have fireworks every Friday night in July at 7pm, and an animal farm during the day.

  9. says

    I love the museum and my parents live just across the road. The NGV is great, we’ve been to a few of their holiday programs and they’re always excellent.

  10. Nic says

    The Zoo! I absolutely love the Zoo and my girls do too! Having kids is a good excuse to be able to go more often! Poor hubby used to get dragged every now and then before we had kids ;-) I don’t think we will ever get sick of the zoo!

  11. says

    I used to take my son to the outdoor area of NGV all the time when we lived in the city, but recently we’ve also discovered Melbourne museum and it’s become a new favorite.

  12. says

    The NGV and Melbourne Museum is our favorite. We always go when there’s a new exhibit & the budget allows us to. My daughter Anya is so keen on the arts and anything fascinating. She is convincing me to go to ScienceWorkks again as she claimed we failed to see EVERYTHINg the last time we went as we were pressed for time. So here’s hoping we’d win that membership as it will really be used up for sure!

  13. says

    The Girl’s favourite place in Melbourne is the Melbourne Museum. While The Boy enjoys trips to the museum, he would choose Puffing Billy for every single trip to Melbourne if we let him.

  14. Cherie nixon says

    We just took our family to science works for the first time ever. Now since that visit and I ask our children what they want to do today it’s science works please. It would be wonderful to win a memebership and then we can go everyday

  15. says

    oh wow! All places we want to visit next holidays! We have this whole Melbourne/great ocean road trip planned…

    Actually the eldest teen has been to the science centre already and enjoyed it immensely.

    Our favourite place to visit with the kids is a beach. Any beach will do. We aren’t fussy! lol

  16. Ebony says

    My favorite place to take my kids is Serindip Sanctuary near Lara Victoria. It is a great place for the kids, lots of running space, BBQ’s for lunch and lots of native animals to observe. The Bird avery is amazing!

  17. Gael Macpherson says

    We have a great park not too far away, and have recently started fairly regular meet-ups with friends there on the weekends. We take a picnic lunch, so for zero $ the kids get a play-date, outdoor fun, and a picnic, and I get to catch up with the other mum(s) while we watch the kids.