Face Biscuits

Face Biscuits - easy party food!

When life is insanely busy, when you have no roof or walls on your kitchen, when you’ve promised your boy that you will bring a birthday treat to preschool…. what do you do??

You make face biscuits that’s what you do!

You’ll need…

A packet (or two) of marie biscuits, or any plain round biscuits.
Plain white icing – icing sugar and water (we used lemon juice to make it lemon flavoured)
Various lollies for facial features. We used smarties for eyes, snakes for mouths and a combination of musk sticks and jelly beans for noses.

face biscuits

Putting then together…
Mix up your icing so it is fairly thick and stiff. Chop your lolly snakes in half for mouths, and your musk sticks into bits for noses. Coat the top of the biscuit with a layer of icing and pop on the lollies to make faces. And that’s it… done!

And now we are off to preschool to share our creations!

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    • katef says

      You need to make your icing ‘stiffer’. No butter or anything fancy just icing sugar and water/juice and not much liquid either. Plus I find the natural confectionery company snakes and softer and stay smiley more easily :)

  1. says

    ahh this takes me back! on my third birthday we had face biscuits and i introduce them (on a very (in)famous family video) as exactly that! 20 years ago now … !

  2. says

    Oh wow – these were SUCH favourites when I was little! I’d forgotten about Marie biscuits – we’ll have to break out this activity tomorrow! thanks for the reminder!

  3. Jac says

    An octopus variation: Using oval biscuits (Milk Arrowroot) instead of round, follow same procedure with icing, 2 smarties for eyes, and about 3-4 snakes hanging down for tentacles.
    Easter variation: also using oval biscuits, decorate with different coloured icing, mini M&Ms, red licorice straps, sprinkles, etc. to make decorated eggs.
    We also do abstract round biscuits, where the kids just load up their biscuits with all sorts of lollies – we also use choc chips and buttons, which are my favourite as the biscuits don’t end up quite so sweet! (I’m not a lolly person)
    This is a great activity to have at your kid’s party, we’ve done it many times (as well as cupcake decorating – but this way much less stress.)