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Since I am currently at Nuffnang’s Blogopolis conference, learning about blogging from other great bloggers, I thought it only fitting that this Saturday’s links should also be about blogging. So here are some of my favourite blogs about blogging!

Blogging With Amy is one of my favourite blogs about blogging. Amy covers just about everything you need to know in a down to earth, understandable manner.

I really like Savvy Blogging’s ‘What’s Happening in Social Media’ round up posts. They are great way to catch up on lots of good information even if you don’t have the time to follow every link on your twitter feed.

Serenity Now has a great section called Blogging Tips with lots of ideas, advice and information for beginner bloggers, and lots to learn for those of us who’ve been around a while too!

I’m also a fan of Blogging Basics 101, The Blog Stylist (hope she gets back to regular posts again soon!), Copy Blogger and you can’t write a post about blogging blogs without including the fabulous ProBlogger

I’m hoping I’ll discover a few new blogs on blogging to follow after today’s conference… I might even have to right another links post about them!
Do you read any blogs about blogging? Share your lovely links!

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