Easy Art for Kids – Circle Printing

We went on a hunt, looking for round things to print with. We found lots of different round things, some worked well for printing, other’s not so well!

Here are some round things that worked great to make prints with!

easy art for kids circle printing

    A cup
    Cut up cardboard tube
    Bottle caps
    Marker lid
    The bottom of a gum nut
    Round blocks
    Cut up tree branches.
    A plastic container.

easy art for kids - circle printing

What other round things can you think of that would make interesting prints?

easy art for kids circle printing

Here are our other printing with paint projects –
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  1. says

    What a great idea – again! The finished result looks gorgeous, the blue and yellow is a lovely colour combo. Am going to set my son the same challenge – find some round things to paint.

    It was so lovely to meet you on Saturday. :)

  2. says

    I’m loving these printing posts you’ve been doing. What about wine corks, they’re circular :-) It was very nice to meet you at the Blogopolis on Saturday. Thank you for inviting me along to lunch, I found myself almost paralysed by shyness on the day and it was lovely of you