Things I Know in Words and Pictures.

I know that life is rushing past and I am not taking enough photos!


I know that buying a bunch of local daffodils from the side of the road on a frosty morning is $2 well spent.

lucky you're cute

I know that this is why he thinks his name is “luck you’re cute!”

crap photo love

I know that this photo is crap, but something about it makes me love it.

kids cooking

I know that one day we’ll look at these photos of the blue tarp walls in our kitchen and smile.

back of baby's head

I know that I am quite mad, but I think the back of my baby’s head is beautiful.

lego body parts

I know that sometimes my life resembles this pile of dismembered body parts.

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  1. says

    You’re not mad. There is something beautiful about heads. I kiss my daughters bald head a million times a day- it’s funny, even though I want to know what she will look like with hair, and I hate the ‘Oh she’s so bald!” comments…. I still love that little baldy head! :) Gorgeous photos.

  2. says

    $2 for flowers! Bargain! Oh how I long for some fresh flowers in this house.
    Gorgeous photos of your kids! Yes he is cute! And yes I like your ‘crap’ photo too.
    Yes Life sure is rushing past!