September School Holiday Links

One more week and third term is done and dusted for the school kids around here. We can’t wait and we’ve already got some great things planned for the holidays! Here are some lovely links to some school holiday activities…

The Pickle Kids and I have been invited to attend some Melbourne Symphony Orchestra events. We are off to Movement Makes Music today and during the holidays we will attend Peter and the Wolf. There are still tickets available for Peter and the Wolf which would make a great school holiday activity.

We’ve got plans to get outside. We live even closer to this creek than Shae from Yay For Home, so we’ll be down there having an explore on the next sunny day! We are going to make a giant spider’s web and we’re going to build a dirt kitchen!

We are going to make more play dough, and play with water colours, make some funky glasses and perhaps cook these raspberry scrolls.

And we are going to steal No Time For Flash Card’s awesome idea of a photo safari. It might just make it bearable to take all four kids shopping for bathroom fittings!

What have you got planned for the holidays or the weekend??

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  1. Jo says

    The spider’s web from Two Little Seeds mum is really amazing. Thanks to your link, there’s a gorgeous one in our garden right now and it has had lots of interest… especially from all the kids and parents who came to our autumn party last week. (Garden also partyly decorated with lanterns and sparkly wands hung from trees with wool). I am wondering if I can ever bear to take the web down. It was really easy to put up though, so there’s definitely another web being made next year and the kids will probably be keen on weaving at least part of it themselves