Lovely Links – Lets Make Bread

I’m not sure what’s come over me, but lately I’ve been busy making bread, lots and lots of bread!

Before you think I am total whiz in the kitchen, rest assured that I use our trusty bread machine to do all the hard work. I let it mix, knead and rise the dough the first time, then I do the rest. I’ve found this works really well for all kinds of yeast recipes and it makes them a lot less scary for a novice cook like me.

So in case you are hankering to make bread too, here are some lovely bread making links!

A Good Basic Loaf?
I’ve tried so many basic white bread recipes that I can’t even remember which was good and which wasn’t! This Amish Bread recipe from She {Hearts} It looks good, so I might try that next.

Rhonda over at Down To Earth has a fabulous Bread Making for Beginners post. This is what got me started on making bread.

Here are some bread recipes that we make all the time: Basic pizza dough or foccacia, Naan, and simple flour tortillas,

Bread Sticks or Sticks of Bread?
I am keen to try my hand at making bread sticks, so I’ve been saving links left, right and centre.
These sticks of bread from Clover Lane look easy and sprinkled with garlic salt and parmesan they sound delish!
These Crusty Baguettes are the real deal, I wonder if I can manage to make them super crusty?

cinamon scroll bread

Sweet Breads or Buns?
Cinnamon scrolls are a big hit in this house and I think this version with raspberry from The Curvy Carrot sounds so yum! For when I am feeling slack, I might try this quicker, less fussy cinnamon scroll bread from My German Kitchen in the Rockies.
We also make this cinnamon scroll bread quite often, and I am thinking about what else I could swirl into the bread…. jam? berries?

Getting Fancy with Bread.
This Peek-a-boo Pizza recipe from A Handmade Childhood looks super fancy but is actually quite easy. You can also substitute the filling for other things like apples or berries! Yum!
Rosemary and Olive Bread from A Hint of Honey, doesn’t seem too fancy and my kids would adore this!
Pull apart breads are everywhere at the moment! I want to try this cheesy version from A Little Bit of Everything.

Do you make bread or cook with yeast? Care to share your favourite recipes, or ones you’d like to try out?

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    I’m a sourdough convert! I haven’t bought bread ever since I got my culture. I bake a small loaf every second day. Lately my favourite is an oat and honey loaf since I’m on a mission to reduce cholesterol and I’m not a huge porridge fan. But sometimes I make fruit and nut bread or foccaccia or pita or or ciabatta or my old favourite megagrain. It only takes about 15 minutes to make a loaf, but that 15 minutes is spread over 24 hours, so you have to get into a routine so its not constantly on your mind.