Things I Know About Kate – Guest Post from Yay For Home!

I think not blogging all week has made me slightly crazy because I’ve let my very good friend Shae from Yay For Home write this guest post all about me!!!

katepickle and Shaefrum

Many of you might already know that I’m lucky enough to be Katepickle’s IRL friend. I live “over the hill” and our kids have grown up together. The Twinadoes were 2 and my Tannah was just 6 months old when we met. We’ve since been through lots of stuff together, like kids birthday parties, new babies, sick husbands and interstate moves. And blogging conferences.

The things I know about Kate are-

  • She loves all manner of sing-a-long games. Singstar, Wii sing and karaoke all rate highly. Anything Disney and “One Week” by the Bare Naked Ladies are her speciality.
  • She is more likely to be late than on time. Though this has improved dramatically since Zoe and Izzy have been at school.
  • She is very clever at making printables. Though I’m still waiting for the printable boob hat she promised me.
  • She has food issues. Sweet and savoury together (like ham and pineapple pizza) gross her out. She hates bacon, loves Turkish delight and I’ve never seen her drink a hot drink.
  • She is amazingly good and sensible with money. Which is a handy friend to have when you are completely the opposite.
  • She is a beautiful Mama. She is fair, patient and kind and she is always setting up fun stuff for her kids (and sometimes mine!) to do.
  • She will always be my friend. Not only because she is awesome-she also knows too much!
  • Now come visit my blog, Yay For Home, and join in with my weekly Things I Know link up!

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    Shae is a home cooking, homebirthing, unschooling stay-at-home Mama to three amazing girls. She writes about all this and more at her blog Yay For Home.


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    1. says

      Chickety China, the Chinese chicken!!

      Heard it yest on the radio and thought of both of you :)

      I know I’m so grateful for the pair of you in my life :) <3