It’s a new project of mine…


Attempting to make laundry beautiful…


One instagram image at a time…


Because laundry is my life…

Join in. instagram user name: katepickle #instalaundry

Playing Wordless Wednesday with My Little Drummer Boys

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  1. says

    Lol at laundry is your life – I posted last week about washing again and lamented the fact I talk about i sooooo much

  2. says

    Hello Kate,

    I must get into Instagram… I’ve just mastered putting together collages of photos… and today have been working on some video in iMovie. I do love learning new stuff, it’s one of the beauties of blogging.

    Now then… my laundry… better go and see what needs done next…

  3. Granma Jill says

    LOL I’ve been doing it for years. Matching the pegs to the washing. Arranging complimentary colours/pattern so I get satisfction from a beautiful washing line.