Easy Art For Kids – Paper Dolls, and Boats, and Flowers…

Some days you need to pull out something magical. Something that will wow your kids into submission and get them all sitting quietly doing instead of running around the house fighting. The older my kids get, the fewer of these tricks I have left, but the other day, with rain induced anarchy threatening to take over I decided it was time to break one of the remaining items from my bag of Mummy tricks.

More than just paper dolls!

I cut some long thin strips from our Ikea paper roll, found scissors for everyone, and got out the tub of markers and then I sat down. That was all it took to entice the big kids and they came over to watch as I folded the strip of paper, concertina style, and drew a funny looking person on the front. Before I began to cut the girls had figured out my magic…

“Oh I know this, you are making a paper doll!”

They watched as I cut, showing them that you needed to leave the hands and feet attached to the edges of the folded paper, and then carefully, carefully we unfolded the paper and dazzled the four year old boy…

“Wow!” was all he could say at first then…. “Make me one!”

paper dolls

It took the girls a few goes to figure out how to draw their shapes and cut them so they would be joined together in a string, but they got the hang of it and designed their own chains of people, flowers and hearts.

paper dolls

It was too tricky for the big boy to draw or cut out the shapes, so he told me what he wanted, I drew and cut and then he carefully unfolded them, and decorated them.

paper dolls

Paper dolls are not rocket science, but they kept my kids entertained and stopped World War 3 breaking out at our house for at least an hour!

paper dolls

Do you have any magic tricks that you pull out when things get grim at your place?

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  1. says

    We’ve been playing boardgames a lot.

    I think I played SNAP! at least 20 times yesterday.

    Might give the paper dolls a go and see if the girls have any interest.

  2. says

    Playdoh. I have everything needed. And as the grandkids don’t get to do it at home, it’s my safety package for recharging .. I like rolling & making too. Kids love me being with them.

  3. kaci says

    Lol you are making me laugh when you say world war three. Tbat is how i feel sometimes too. I have three boys all under 4 years of age. So it gets crazy here too.