Easy Art For Kids – Letter Collage.

easy art for kids - letter collage

My four year old has discovered a new found love of all things letters and writing.

He is at the stage of wanting to write way beyond his abilities. He is still learning to form most of the letters and to manipulate his pencil well enough to write them. He wants to know how to write everything and constantly throws random combinations of letters at me and asks what it spells.

I needed a break from figuring out how to pronounce the word ‘dmjko’ so I devised a cunning plan that encouraged his new found love of letters, spelling and writing, but needed less input from me.

I printed out some pages of upper and lower case letters and threw in some numbers for good measure. Printing a few pages, each in a different font I cut them up into individual letters and got out some paper and our handy dandy home-made paste.

easy art for kids - letter collage

“oooh lots of letters” He said when he discovered what I was doing.
“Yep… lots of letters, now you can make lots of words…. any words you like!” I told him and left him to it.

After a few minutes he called me back to read what he had written…

“It’s all the important words Mum” he told me…. and it was, all the very important words.

Do your kids enjoy cutting and pasting?

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  1. says

    Another brilliant idea Kate. My Mr 2 loves numbers so might just do it with numbers. He’s only interested in the letter B (first letter of his name!) at this point.

    And cutting and pasting!? I just have to get out a pair of scissors and he’s running after me to see what I’m cutting. We had to buy him special kid scissors because he kept pinching ours….

  2. says

    What a great idea – secret boys business letters too. Where did you get the fonts from ? which are the best to use for incoming kinders

  3. says

    I love this idea. I have two that love letters and writing and glueing. So this would be a fantastic activity for them.


  4. says

    Love this idea to capitalize on his interest in words! I saw something similar on Pinterest yesterday, where they’d cut up all those words on cereal boxes etc into individual letters, so kids had a range of colours sizes and fonts, then kids could play with them on car trips. Maybe add magnets and use with a baking sheet?

    • katef says

      Oh magnets are a great idea…. we have word magnets and a half lost set of classic letter magnets but it would be so easy to make these into magnets, and would make a cool travel set!

  5. says

    Millar does the same thing. He can spell quite a few words but he also likes to bring me random letter strings and ask what it spells. I’m a meanie and say “nothing, darling”.
    He has also started writing in Tamil. Not really, he scribbles little characters and writes the word honey and says, “that says honey, and that (pointing to the scribbles) says honey in Tamil!”
    I like the magnet idea! I now need to source magnets in India.
    I’m going through all your activity archives as I’m spending the next 3 months stuck in this apartment with the kids.

    • katef says

      I LOVE that he is writing in ‘Tamil’! You know it might be hard on you guys now, but the fact that Miller even knows what Tamil is is sooooo good for him and will stand you all in good stead in the future.

      Now my tips for things to do while stuck in an apartment…

      You gotta make it either an activity that you can set up and leave the rest to Miller to do on his own, or one that you might actually enjoy a little too. We do lots of art because I like it, wouldn’t do nearly as much if I didn’t.