In My Garden…

A few weeks ago there was nothing but weeds and grass and clover in my veggie garden.

Then we mowed, and weed whacked and got the tractor out and then there was dirt…. lots and lots of dirt, and a fair bit of mud.

growing food

Then the sun came out and I dug in the dirt and the mud. I carted bucket fulls of good dirt to raise up beds out of the mud… and finally I planted.

growing herbs

I know it is already December. I know most of our veggies should have gone in more than a month ago, but I don’t care. I am not a fussy gardener, I don’t care that our zucchinis will be late or that our tomatoes might never ripen. I don’t care if we don’t grow a single cucumber.


It is just nice to be back out there and mucking around in the garden.

spring onion seed head

And no matter what, there will always be rhubarb… and mint.


What’s growing in your garden?

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. Belinda says

    Chives, shallots and parsley dominate my garden and some spinach that is thinking about going to seed and a few carrots for Ruldoph and his reindeer mates.

    • katef says

      how cool to be able to pull carrots from your own garden for the reindeer… must remember that for next year!

  2. says

    JEALOUS of your garden! Looks beautiful. we live in Chicago, where winter is just starting. I finally finished clearing out the garden a few weeks ago and now there’s nothing there but sad, dead dirt. All the planters are inside and the only spot of joy is the Christmas lights strung around the window boxes. Hopefully we’ll be planning our spring garden soon!

    • katef says

      Oh but winter is the best time to garden…. I do all my best gardening in my head, it seems my imagination doesn’t know the limits of time, money and back breaking digging! LOL

  3. says

    Rhubarb and mint are both delicious! Isn’t it amazing how fast things grow at this time of year. I am sure you will have a bumper crop! We have lots of spinach at the moment, lettuce, herbs artichokes and a whopping amount of leeks nearly ready. Maybe we can do a veggie swap :)

    • katef says

      oh leeks… I have never managed to get them to grow. Did you buy seedlings or start them from seed?

  4. says

    My Pop always had rhubarb in his garden – so we always had rhubarb with every meal when we visited :) I’m thankful that the previous owners of our home planted a gorgeous garden – so we have oranges, mangos, chillies and lemons. I’m eyeing off part of our garden for a vegie patch for the kids.

  5. says

    Great attitude to have with gardening! We have loads in, including several types of zuchini, squash and pumpkins, beans (Purple King, Rattlesnake, Edamame, Scarlet Runner, Dwarf and Roc d’Or), several types of capsicums & chillies, eggplants, potatoes, and several types of tomatoes (Black Russian, San Marzano, Rouge de Marmande, Longkeeper, Peron & Red Fig), a couple of types of corn and beetroot, leeks, spinach, plus our berries & fruit trees, including raspberries, apples, nectarines, apricots and plums, and loads of herbs! Can you tell I love heirloom produce??!!

    • Sherilee says

      dixiebelle, are you in Victoria? There’ll be a study next year on the volumes of produce you can get from home gardens and he gets you to weigh your produce and send in the results. It sounds like you have a lot growing. He’s just getting started with it and we’ll be in Gardening Aust mag in March.

  6. Jane says

    Have planted tomato, strawberries, beans, cucumbers but haven’t been too successful in the veggie garden in recent years, so we’ll see what actually eventuates! My Miss 4 was very excited though as a few months ago they made Potato people at kindy and when they started to turn green and sprout we suggested she plant them in the garden. On the weekend she was thrilled to discover the crop of potatoes that had grown from them! Mucking around in the garden is great for all ages!

  7. says

    Nice job in the garden Kate. I have been in our garden planting another couple of tomato plants. Frost killed the last lot. Our strawberries are going well though.

  8. Anna Kanook says

    Our garden is looking great. Having decided to plant a silverbeet forest amongst the ludicrous number of camelias. I’ve filled every gap I can find with something edible. So we have had a fantastic crop of snow peas, potatoes, corn, strawberries, beans, silverbeet, bok choi, loads of herbs and a massive amount of zucchini under the lime tree, there’s also some really odd looking thing that was supposed to be a cucumber but is more like zucchini, but light green and grows in an almost perfect circle shape. (does anyone have any idea what that is???- it’s tasty) and now the melons are coming on but we’re getting a lot of cold rain so I’m worried for them. Come on melons…..we need you.

    • Sherilee says

      lol, how did you manage to kill mint? I might need to know for future reference. Can’t get rid of it!

  9. erey says

    Lots and lots of strawberries! ..if only i could keep the birds away from them, we might actually get to enjoy some..
    Red tomato, yellow tomato, cherry tomato..
    Brocollini …just wanted to see what it was like..
    spinach, lettuce, silverbeet
    3 types of chilli
    coriander, basil, thyme, holy basil, mint,
    minature lemon tree, lime and blueberries.
    ..and i just planted some purple carrot seeds…i really hope they work!
    We’ve done a lot of work on our vegie patch this season and the kids are really enjoying ‘helping’ (read: eating every bit of ripe fruit before it makes it inside)

    • Sherilee says

      Try stringing up some bird scaring wire. In the breeze, it makes a humming noise they don’t like. It’s kept the birds off my peaches and berries.