Take a breath

When the crazies are out in force…

When there has been too many commitments and to many things to get done…

When the kids are cranky and you are tired and stressed…

When things seem far from ‘peace on earth and goodwill to all’…

Then, then you need to stop and take a breath.

baby walking

There will be many more Christmases to make the perfect crafted gift.

There will be time to write that awesome blog post or accept that fabulous offer another day.

One day there will be a fabulous new kitchen and time to cook fancy meals without a crying toddler at your feet.

One day my floors will be clean and my beds made.

There will time to be alone and read and run and draw in the future.

I need to stop living in the future and wishing my days away.

I don’t need to do it all and have it all right now.

muddy hands

Right now I need to make crazy faces at my kids till they roll their eyes at me and tell me they love me.

Right now I need to lay next to my girl in bed and listen to the rain on the roof, long after bed time.

Right now I need to clean out the paddling pool and make whirl pools till my legs ache.

Right now I need to lay in the hammock, squashed under the jumbled mass of four other sets of arms and legs.

Right now I need to play Wii dance with insane abandon.

Right now I need to get muddy and messy and plant seeds that may never grow.

Right now I need to stop for a moment…

And breathe…

Just breathe in all the wonderfulness that is my family, my home and my life.


It’s Thankful Thursday at Kate Says Stuff… and I am joining in.

While I am taking a moment to be grateful, I am also thankful that I know many good people who do many good things…

A very smart and beautiful young lady made an important video over at Stuff With Thing called Autism Never Ends and an equally smart and beautiful, slightly older, but still young, lady has stepped up to help fill the funding gap. If you have a spare few dollars pop on over to Frog Ponds Rock and help get Annie and Ipad.

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  1. says

    It was lovely to read this as I lie in bed unable to make crafts, clean my ancient kitchen or wrap presents. This Christmas will come and go and we will still all enjoy it!

    • katef says

      Hope you are back up to speed really soon…but you are so right, this Christmas will come and go and it may not be the way you planned it, but you’ll find ways to enjoy it anyway.

      Whenever I get all ‘must make Christmas perfect’ I remember my girls’ first Christmas which they spent in hospital, one of them still in an isolate unable to breath on her own. I thought that would be the worst Christmas ever, but it turned out to be one of my best!