Time Out, Time Off, Time Over.

Today is the first full day of summer holidays at The Pickle Farm.

We’ve been going a mile a minute for the last few weeks and we are all feeling the strain and are desperate for a break.

It’s two sleeps till Christmas and after that I am hoping we can take a bit of a break from the crazies.

I have plans….

I have plans to dig in the dirt, to splash in the paddling pool, to lay in the hammock, to tile a bathroom, and to spend time with my kids.

I have plans to take a breath, to make some goals and to a step back from the blog for a while.

After battling with terrible intermittent internet the last few weeks, with no quick fix in site, I’m giving in to the gremlins and giving myself some time off from the stress. I won’t disappear all together but for the next few weeks I will post when the gremlins let me and when they won’t I will walk away and do something fun.

This will be my last post till after Christmas so I’d like to wish all my readers a safe and happy holiday period. I hope you all enjoy some peaceful time with those you care about doing something fun!

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    Merry Christmas Kate and all your tribe and thanks for all the great ideas over the year! Enjoy your time off, it’s nice to unplug sometimes (I say while well and truly plugged in … oh well maybe tomorrow!). xx