Ask Me Anything….

Have you got a question?
Do you want to know what colour my undies are?
Do you want to know the names of all our chickens?
Do you want to know what we are having for dinner tonight?

I’m throwing caution to the wind and putting it (whatever ‘it’ may be) out there…

If you’ve got a question, any question, feel free to ask it!
Ask in the comments of this post, on my facebook page or via my contact form.

I’ll do my very best to answer all questions that are asked… one way or another.

So go on…. ask me anything!

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Read the comments or scroll down to add your own:

  1. says

    Well why Kate do you and all the other talented bloggers keep writing interesting twitter headings that encouraged me to read other peoples blogs for nearly an hour when I had all my children and husband outside providing me with peace and quiet to do some work……and now the baby has woken and my time is up! oh well I have learnt lots of cool stuff I guess just havnt managed to put pen to paper :) So my question….why am I such a good procrastinator at the moment?

    • katef says

      If I knew the answer to the procrastination thing… I suspect I’d be a rich woman.
      As for the enticing twitter headlines… well copyblogger told me to do that!

  2. says

    What colour are your undies then?

    Heh, heh.

    No, really.

    Mine are pink today. The waistband is coming a little bit attached at the top ‘cos they’re comfy so they’re favourites and they’ve had a few million washes. x

  3. H-M Uusimäki says

    I live on the other side of the world from you. We have night when you have day, we have winter when you have summer, yet you keep writing down my thoughts, my feelings, my life day after day, week after week.

    I do have a toddler, a three-year-old and one eight-year-old. I also have five older kids. We are not doing any major renovations at the moment, but have had plans for renovations for years.

    Anyway, last night right after my little kids fell aseep and right befor I myself felll asleep, I was wondering how you fit a toddler bed and a crib in your bedroom. I guess I already got an answer. Looks alot like our bedroom at the moment!

    • katef says

      It’s a bit of a squeeze but not as bad as I thought it would be…. It helps that this is an old house so it has pretty big bedrooms. Give me a month or so to clean up our room a bit and I’ll blog some photos for you!

      • H-M Uusimäki says

        I am looking forward to your bedroom post!
        Our bedroom is not very big, one of the smallest rooms in our house. With wardrobe on one wall, a big changing table with the little boys cloths in it, some shelves on the wall for cloth diapers and shelf for bedtime storybooks on one wall, our bed, a toddler bed and a crib + a little night stand with a raeding lamp, the room is very cozy space for bedtime reading and cuddling. Or a very crowded master bedroom, debending on my mood!
        We do have an other bedroom we could move the three-year- old into but he is not a very good sleeper and I prefer sleep to running to an other room in the middle of the night. We tried it for awhile but it just did not work out.

  4. Rosie says

    Where do you find the time?? I have 2 kids (2yo and 7mths) & don’t have time for anything extra in my day – I’m always amazed at the mums who blog and still have family time :-)

  5. says

    Okay then. What do you cook for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking and want something quick and easy? (And don’t say take away!) I’m feeling tired and bored of cooking and it is fast approaching dinner time!

    • katef says

      Last night was just such a night and we had pasta….
      A tin of tomatoes, a zuchinni from our garden grated into the tomatoes, and a hand full of herbs chopped up and chucked in at the end. 3 our of 4 kids will eat this, it’s cheap and easy and that makes it a total win in our house!
      I’ve been asked to blog about what we eat for dinner each week so keep a look out for that post, that might help too… but I am ALWAYS over cooking and never have any motivation so I know what you mean!

  6. says

    Hi kate, I’ve been blogging for a little while now- mainly for myself and long distant relatives. But i was wondering- How do you become a sponsored blog? Cheers and love your blog btw!

    • katef says

      Oh goodness… that is a big question with no one easy answer I’m afraid.. and I am totally not qualified to answer it as I just sort of fell into the monetization of my blog.

      But a good place to start is by joining a blogging community like Digital Parents and then putting your blog on lists like the Aussie PR friendly blog list, or signing up with nuffnang…. then wait and see what opportunities come your way….

  7. Lisa says

    What a great idea! It’s so nice to be able to ask you questions! I’d like to tap into the “preschool teacher you” for a minute. I have a 3 year old at home (she does go to a 3K program 2 mornings a week). I’m wondering what you think are the best activities I should be focused on at home with her? I’ve read so many books and articles and I’m a bit overwhelmed at this point. Once book says to do alot of arts/crafts time, another says it should be dramatic play, another says it should be working on life skills. I tried some Montessori type activites this weekend and they didn’t really hold her attention. I was excited about them but now I’m wondering if this is the wrong approach for her (she isn’t known for a long attention span with any one activity) or maybe just for her age?

    This is rambling so let try to simplify and clarify. I work a full time job so my time with the kidlet is limited to evenings and weekends. I want to do the best I can for her and give her the best experiences I can to help her grow (and still have alot of fun). Any advice to help me achieve that goal (which still leaving some time for laundry and cleaning up the inevitable spilled juice?


    • katef says

      Ah Lisa… this question is right up my alley!

      I believe strongly that there is no one right activity or way to play for any age/stage…. it all comes down to the individual child.

      I believe the best thing you can do for your daughter is to find out what she loves. What makes her eyes light up? What really floats her boat? Whatever that is… be it painting, getting messy, fairies, dinosaurs, trains, dancing… whatever it is, use that as the starting point for your activities.

      She will learn all the skills she needs to while she is actively engaged in play that she is really interested in.

      So say she loves dinosaurs, then you could set up some dino imaginaitve play, use plastic dino feet as a stamp in paint, sing songs about dinosaurs… but the key is you need to really let go and find out what her things is right now…. Actually an article I wrote for Childhood 101 might explain it better…

  8. Katy says

    I’ve been meaning to get back to this, so hopefully you’re still reading!
    Where and how do you grocery shop and manage the kids? I’m struggling when I have my eldest 2 at school, and my 3rd and babe at home on different sleep schedules. Doing my head in!!! Let alone trying to do craft activities with a baby who wants to put everything in his mouth!!

    • katef says

      ah shopping… I have just got back from doing our big monthly shop!
      I find it hard to juggle everything and everyone too… so I might write a blog post to answer your questions and see if anyone else has some input!